CrViewer DLL Error Repair Tutorial – How To Repair CRViewer DLL Errors

CrViewer.dll is a file that comes with the program Crystal Report Viewer (made by Business Objects), an application that serves as an instrument in creating reports. The error will keep appearing if the file has been damaged somehow; problems can be caused by it becoming missing, infected or corrupted. The computer system will get confused and will be unable to process the Crystal Report Viewer without this dll file. Read on to know more about this error and how to stop it from appearing.

What Causes CRViewer.dll Errors?

This error is directly linked to Windows having problems accessing the file; thus, the file cannot be loaded and cannot perform the necessary functions. The error can come from the program, the file itself, or the registry. If the problem is with the program, then you will have to re install it; if the problem is with the file, then you have to replace it. The registry can be dealt with using a registry cleaner tool. Basically, you will have to do a set of three tasks to pinpoint the source of the error and provide a fix for it. Usually, you will see a warning message like this:

  • “The file crviewer.dll is missing”
  • “Cannot start Crystal Report Viewer. A required component is missing: crviewer.dll. Please install the application again.”
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How To Fix CrViewer.dll Errors

First, check if the problem is with the program. Go to START and open the Control Panel. Select the Add/Remove Programs tab and then find the Crystal Report Viewer on the list. Click REMOVE or UNINSTALL to take out the program from the system. Restart the computer. After doing so, see if the error still appears or not. If you still see it, then the problem could be with the file. Get a fresh copy so the computer can have a functional dll file. Download the dll file from the website of the software and then save it into the hard drive.

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Next, of the repair, download the Frontline Registry Cleaner. This is a trusted tool that will surely fix the problems in the registry database. Run this program and it will find the issues in the database and provide the necessary solutions. Cleaning the registry will prevent errors from occurring in the future.


by Katie Martins