Cyber Career Paths: Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking | Video

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Are you thinking about becoming a penetration tester / ethical hacker? Then this video is for you! Let’s talk about this cyber career path and what’s needed to break into it.

0:06 – Introduction
1:05 – What does a penetration tester do?
3:23 – What sort of salary can I expect?
4:32 – What technical skills will I need?
9:42 – Certifications and other materials
14:56 – Is ethical hacking right for me?
18:58 – Closing remarks

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  1. What about career paths going in to pentesting? Would you recommend going from helpdesk to Network engineering to pentesting like you did? Or could you just go straight into pentesting? What career path would you aim for if you were starting from scratch to get into pentesting as fast as possible?

  2. Hey! I'm a web dev looking to get into pen testing. I'm wonder do all pen testers understand both the web application side and the networking side? Do most pen testers choose a focus, and work in that given technology, or is it better to have a grasp of the full spectrum (web app, networking, servers, etc)? Thanks! Love the videos!

  3. Man, you have boosted me very much. Thanks a lot.
    An year ago, started with zero knowledge and learnt using Kali Linux & Tools, Networking, Python and was going through how some attacks(XSS, SQL injections,etc.) are done…
    Today, your video made my day.
    Thanks for all the videos and the DISCORD channel. I just joined it yesterday. It's really coool.

  4. I do help desk troubleshooting for apple devices. I am absolutely looking to get into an actual IT field and have been really looking ar Cybersecurity. I just dont know where to start. I know basic python and some c languages. That's basically it. Also some networking and server stuff. I'm lost right now and I feel like the time is slipping away, how do I at least get STARTED in the career field? I need more than what I have now.

  5. The Cyber Mentor, Hi thanks for the video.

    I haven't worked in the I.T field however, always had the interest and more recently have studied A+, Networking+ and Security+(no certs). I cam across Pen testing as a promising field and was wonder if i can get the Certs for the Pen Testing alone and enter the field. Is it possible? Also, i believe you have a udemy course does that cover everything needed for Pen testing certs. i am based in the UK do you know which certs are recommended.

    Many thanks,

  6. First video of your's that Ive watched, absolutely great content man! You thoroughly and thoughtfully explained all your talking points and you were very blunt and honest about the field and its realities, I will definitely be watching more of your videos!

  7. is there a proper way to go about finding a junior pen testing job? working through you udemy course rn by the way, extremely thorough and proper explanations. complete polar opposite to other tutorials, especially on youtube.

  8. I'm so excited , i've decided i want to get into pentesting, cracked and hacked a couple of things when i was a kid , have the basic knowledge since i grew up next to a pc. Love to do IT stuff even when I'm a print operator.
    I have ITF+ and A+ exams in 2 weeks. Hope will be able to get a job in London where i can learn a lot fast 🙂 Wish me luck

  9. Thank you very much for this informative video, I am currently a Technical support student at college in Scotland and recently i have applied for Ethical Hacking degree course in Abertay University. My question is will my degree help me out a lot in this field to find a first job in IT as a ethical hacker or would i still have to get an IT support job first after i complete my degree (I am going to be 20 this year). Thank you once again hope to see more videos like this in the future, best regards Sebastian

  10. Very helpful. Trying to break into the field. I know most of the stuff you mentioned, and not just finished 3 Comptia Certs cause most people ask for them. Problem is here in Europe the hr departments mostly ask for a college degree. Dropped out on second year of CS: slow and boring af. It’s a 4 year program here.
    Any tips would be great, i don’t mind studying all day, i love this stuff!
    Have an amazing day! ✌️

  11. Thank you for the nice advice.

    i would really appreciate it if you could answer my question.

    I graduated last year and i have one 1 experience in IT security Field, and i would like to hear your opinions about something. which one do you think better: land a job in IT security filed or AI & ML and do bug bounty as a hobby? which one do think better int he long term?

  12. I’m 46 and been building my own PCs since my early 20s. I’ve done help desk, s/w training and lecturing in IT skills. But now I’m a priest with several churches but that’s not working out as I hoped, plus I long to go back to IT. So I’m teaching myself CCNA and using the internet to learn cyber security. I just hope I’m not too old…. Big thank you for your video and work 🙂 And now I have more books to buy! 😁

  13. well,this was a great video for me,i too don't wanna remain where i am today,i want a new challenge,i am a Police officer and i now need a new challenge,being a penetration tester,its gonna be really hard i believe ,been using windows my whole life and now learning to use Linux it's quite a challenge,the command lines yeah but i will get there………thank you

  14. Greetings Cyber. Brand new to the channel. Great content. In regards to CySA+, just took it passed, now studying Pentest+. No experience at all in this field, but I feel these 2 certs can help me cover down on the basics.

  15. Great video, great information and understanding about what pen testers do also the requirements. Really enjoyed this video, thank you

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