Database Model Queries | Django (3.0) Crash Course Tutorials (pt 7) | Video

Django database queryesets

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  1. Thanks for your precious service to humanity. I nearly quit Django and I chanced on your videos on youtube. You have inspired new hope in me, and have increased my passion for Django. I am amazed by your selfless nature, and your willingness to share knowledge and help others.

  2. The way you structured this tutorial on django alongside the source code is amazing… Please do a tutorial on how you hosted it onto heroku… Thanks

  3. A great explanation and a superb set of tutorials. One question. Could not an order have many products as opposed to just a single one in your example?

  4. Hi dennis with regards to the query about "number of balls a customer has ordered" why have you used the double underscores whereas the relationship between a customer and an order is one to many relationship? this is the query i am referring to ballOrders = firstCustomer.order_set.filter(product__name="Ball").count()

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