Database Models & Admin Panel | Django Framework (3.0) Crash Course Tutorials (pt 5) | Video

Introduction to django admin panel and models. Part 5 of django crash course series.

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  1. I have done things exactly the same but for some reason when i click the "add customer" button no fields such as name, phone, date show up in the admin interface. I looked up in stackoverflow and rechecked all the possible errors that may have occurred but all the things seem to be fine. I cannot find the problem so it will be a great help if you can tell me what am i doing wrong here. Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank god you are doing a tutorial on the latest version of django well on 3.0 but still every other tutorial is 2.x or older. I really like your videos so far and the have helped me a lot. You explain everything really good and your videos are easy to follow. You deffinitely deserve more subscribers. I have a question though, I didn't really understand why there were two of each choice in the STATUS variable and in the CHOICE variable. Not really important but would be nice if you could explain this. Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hi Dennis, i am having a problem. i cannot access admin page. Its shows no error with right credential but stays in the login page. I googled it but couldn't find right solution. my django version is 3.0.5. is it something to do with versions? Plz help

  4. This is helping me so much. Thank you for all these videos. So far, the best free Django course I've found. 🙂

  5. i have a question… when i run " migrate " command i cant see any result like applying contenttypes .0001 ….,applying auth why ?
    btw i am suing pycharm with django 3.0.3 .thus ,i cant createspueruser? i stopped here untill find the solution.thanks

  6. What is the best way to organise models across apps. What are the best practices when you have multiple apps within your project ? E.g. If I want to have a dedicated app for Accounts (which will have models for user profile etc.), and I want to have another app for ManageCustomers and ManageProduct, which model should go where ?

    BTW, loving the series and learning so much from it ! Thanks a ton for sharing your knowledge

  7. I just have a question Dennis, Do you know how we change the type of the date into the European standards?
    Is that possible to translate your admin app in other language ?
    Thanks for your help in advance

  8. I just want to say that your videos have been very helpful. I love the explanations as you go about coding. Thank you very much.

    In the end, are you going to show how to migrate to a database (e.g. MongoDB)?

  9. I'm following, very impressive, kindly if possible show us a short video of how to integrate bootstrap admin theme to the project.

  10. Awesome. i'm glad that you start this series on latest version of django. thank you so much. please make awesome awesome project and ideas on django. god bless you

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