Deepak Chopra's Go-To 3-Minute Meditation To Stay Focused {VIDEO}

Deepak Chopra, physician, educator and author of “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters,” leads a short meditation to help you focus on the day ahead.

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  1. really really really enjoyed that really really help full it was beautiful thank u thank u thank u so much i really really appreciate that

  2. I dont know how to express the feeling of ease that I feel right now. Thank you for this awesome small meditation. It truly impacted my day in a positive way

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    The largest part of human body is skin. Skin of one entity can not be transplanted to the other but the own skin can be transplanted to the own body. This shows that the largest part of body of every individual is different i.e. every entity is unique. Therefore, it's functions like thinking, nature, action etc. will be altogether different to the other entity.

    Now the question is, when every person is unique then how the same meditation technique will work for all persons or human at large. There are 112 meditation techniques are mentioned in VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA.

    To my experience of about 13-14 years in this line, I come to the conclusion that all the things, activity etc. known in the universe have both aspects, negative as well as positive one. Similarly, Meditation also have its side effects too. It is, therefore, very essential to choose the right technique of the same by the individual before going to start and not be the part of rat race.

    There are two categories of persons according to individual's nature, thinking etc., Introvert as well as Extrovert. As per my experience, Introverts should not go for Silent meditation techniques like long term silent sadhna rather go for the mantra jaapa meditation techniques otherwise the very purpose of finding inner peace will be defeated and the Introverts may go under depression/anxiety. Similarly, Extroverts should go for the silent sadhna meditation techniques for achieving the goal of inner peace & happiness.

    As we start anything to do, we think, search and then act. Meditation is the eventual task of life, why should we not take the same process of thinking, searching etc before starting?

    This is a thought of my life experiences, rest is up to you.


    Amar Karira

  6. J think it's a bit difficul the First Time,but j thank you so much and j'll try again and again.It's so important.J have big problems.THANKS??????

  7. He doesn't have any experience whatsoever of stress, abuse and pain therefore this is a very patronising video and I am feeling even worse.

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