Demon Bound – A Paranormal Romance by Meljean Brook

“Demon Bound” by Meljean Brook, the seventh book in the Guardian series, is a paranormal romance. This time the focus is on the developing relationship between two mismatched characters. The world of Guardians and Demons is complex with a lot of back history. Readers will get a better understanding of the storyline by starting with book one.

After she died Alice Grey was resurrected by Michael, the leader of the Guardians, a group of beings who protect mankind from evil. Each Guardian has a supernatural gift. Alice is known as the Black Widow because of her ability to interact with spiders. Before she died, she was trapped into a bargain with the demon Teqon. One hundred years has passed and he has come to collect. If she doesn’t deliver Michael’s heart, she’ll be damned for eternity. The bargain stands and although Alice hides behind a facade of aloofness, she is very frightened.

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Novice Guardian Jake Hawkins is still trying to deal with his new abilities. He thinks Alice is creepy but as they work together and he finds out more about her, he’s intrigued. He uses his gift of teleporting to help Alice, never expecting to fall in love with her. As they try to get out of her deal with the devil they discover a secret that may change their world forever.

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Readers will be blown away by the Black Widow, a fascinating and unique heroine, with a tragic back story. Jake, the resurrected Vietnam soldier, is another great character, who grows and matures throughout the story. The developing relationship between this unlikely pair is complicated and incredibly well-done. The ending is satisfying but the twists and turns take things in a new direction.

Publisher: Berkley (November 4, 2008) ISBN: 978-0-425-22453-3 Pages: 336 Price: $7.99


by Gail Pruszkowski