Detox Your Mind | Healing Meditation 432Hz | Energy Healing Frequency | Instrumental Zen For Relax | Video

Detox Your Mind – Healing Meditation 432Hz – Energy Healing Frequency – Instrumental Zen For Relax with 528Hz Solfeggio frequency. Peaceful, empowering and soothing music and nature to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Supporting and empowering you on your life journey. ❖ MP3 Download ❖

Music is tuned to 432Hz and contains the 528Hz Solfeggio frequency.
These frequencies have a specific healing effect on your subconscious mind.

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❖ Sound Vibration ❖
The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound. Everything has an optimum range of vibration (frequency), and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are balanced. Every organ and every cell in our precious body absorbs and emits sound with particular optimum resonate frequency. 432hz and 528hz tuned music creates resonance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

❖ 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency ❖ corresponds with the heart center; cleansing and balancing the heart chakra. Enhancing our feeling of Self-Worth and Self-Love on a deep level – removing subconscious emotional blocks. This frequency also helps us stay balanced and centered in our relationships with partner, family, and friends. Supporting us in setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, and communicate openly and authentically. Healing and balancing the heart center is essential for us to have a Loving, thriving and healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

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❖ 432Hz Music ❖
Resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

❖ Spirit Tribe Awakening ❖
We are here to serve you. To Inspire, Uplift and spread Positive Energy through music and Intention. To support you wherever you are on your journey. Co-creating more Peace, Love, and Happiness in your life, and the millions of people connecting with us.

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All our music (self-composed and licensed from other composers) is tuned to 432Hz and 528Hz, and contains Solfeggio Frequencies; Miracle Tones that Heal, Change and Transform low vibrational energy (negative energy). Letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. Recharging the LIGHT within you. Refueling mind, body, heart and soul with Powerful Positive Energy that aligns you with your Innate Power, Potential and Resources.

When you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION you also help to raise the collective vibration of our beautiful planet and all life on it. You are important. You are important to this planet. You are valuable. You are a beautiful expression of Life. Powerful BEYOND words.

“What you want. Wants you.” – Rumi

From Heart to Heart. From Soul to Soul. Thank You for connecting with us.

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  1. Dear Precious Soul 💙 “Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

    May this ‘peace’ of music manifest miracles and beauty in your life today.

    Infinite Love to all. 💙

  2. Beautiful sounds and majestic pictures of our wonderful world, so much opulence, abundance, wisdom…. All I can feel right now is gratitude and hope.
    Thank you 🔆🌷🙏

  3. Thank you. I listened to this as I wrote how I am feeling. A message from my higher self.
    A channel message. Wow! 😍
    The words flowed like water.
    So grateful. Thank you.
    Much, joy, love, peace and light.

  4. People. All over. The should. listen To. This. l fell it. would. help. mined. and. soul. my. club is. 70. 90. yrs. Love love. Take. Care. Everyone. Bye. USA

  5. Hi, in these hard days I wish all love and peace to the creator of the video and I have a question :
    if I have anxiety how much should I listen in a day and how long till I see results?

  6. STAY SAFE STAY CALM WHERE EVER YOU ARE !! If you care enough, let us do our part to protect and shield our elderly, young and feeble in this difficult time.

  7. They may say you're a dreamer but you are not the only one.

    You are a realist living in the true dream of your naturally loving nature.

    Love is (in) your nature. And it is in our nature to love one another.

    As all life on earth is ultimately lived in the beautiful dream of love.

  8. 8.15 that is my home pigeon point Tobago Caribbean….so soothing and more so exhilarating to see one of the beaches of my island featured thank you.

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