Dirty Boxing Techniques To Use For Winning Real Street Fights

There are dirty fighting techniques that help one win a fight whether it’s inside of the ring or on the streets. The main thing about street fighting is that street fights are typically unexpected and street fighters do not stop until they get what they want. Usually this involves dangerous weapons and is over something unimportant. If you find yourself in this position, fighting for protection may be the only thing running through your brain and doing what you need to do to survive.

Now if the scenario allows a little more time for thought and so forth, there are a few techniques that the boxer should keep in mind. As mentioned before, these pointers will also work within the boxing ring. The first technique would be the thumb to bicep technique. This is done when you recognize an opponent throwing a jab in your direction; it may be quite difficult for you to hit them in the face. It is suggested to instead throw a hook into their bicep forcefully with your thumb leading; this will pretty much give them a Charlie horse and make that arm useless. This is dirty trick number one.

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Another great technique is called hooking the hip. Almost self- explanatory and not an illegal punch during a match, throw a hook into the opponent’s hip. This will temporarily immobilize them allowing you to set up for a more detrimental blow. The next punch would be an elusive elbow uppercut. Throw an uppercut but aim for your elbow to hit the opponent’s chest. This can hurt them, possibly knock the wind out of them, but also may make contact with their chin – allowing you to attack again.

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The last technique is a palm hook punch, which again, seems self- explanatory. This is when you throw a hook punch towards the opponents head or temple, even the ear, with the palm since there is no padding of the palms when wearing boxing gloves.

There are some pointers on some dirty boxing techniques which are done in the ring, if using any of these techniques outside of the ring without gloves; of course they will be more painful and detrimental to any fighter that is on the receiving end. These are guaranteed effective, but not suggested to use all the time in legal matches. Great boxers should not have to resort to such techniques, but this does not mean that others fighters will not try them. Be prepared either way!


by Lee Mainprize