DIY Fix For Xbox 360 Freezing Problems and Error 0102

Xbox 360 error 0102 and freezing problems are two of the most common Xbox errors that can hit your console in any time. However the good news is, these errors are pretty much fixable and can be prevented from happening. But in order to do so, at first you need to know the causes of the Xbox 360 error 0102 and freezing.

The reason behind Xbox 360 error 0102

The 0102 error code mainly appears when something goes wrong with the digital backbone of the system which includes RAM, GPU and CPU. In many cases the CPU or GPU of the system becomes malfunctioning due to system overheating. So in order to avoid the Xbox 360 error 0102, you need to make sure that your console is kept in an open place so that the heat generated by the machine can be driven out of the box. It is to be mentioned that the Xbox 360 freezing problem is also a result of system overheating.

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What to do when the error code shows up?

Now if the error code 0102 shows up in your console or the Xbox get infected by the freezing problem then do the following things:

1. Shut down the machine and let it cool off for some time (at least 2 to 3 hours) and then switch it on again. If the problem is still there then you might need to go for an error fix.

2. Now that you are planning to choose an option to get that machine fixed, first check out the warranty of the console. If it is still covered by the warranty then do not hesitate to send it back to Microsoft and they will fix the problem for free.

3. However, if your console warranty is no longer active then a repair center might not be the best option for you. This is because Microsoft charges about $100 to $150 to fix consoles that are not covered by warranty. In such cases the Diy Xbox 360 fix is recommended to get rid of the error code.

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How to go for Xbox 360 Diy fix?

Well conducting a DIY Xbox 360 (Do it yourself) fix is not complicated, you can easily go for it with the help of a repair manual. A repair manual will provide you:

1. Detail instruction about fixing the error code that is messing with your system

2. Video clips and images that will show you exactly how to get the job done

3. Permanent fix for the console

4. Money back guarantee which will help you to avoid any kind of monetary loss in case the guide fails to keep its promise.


by David Shell