Draconian Wicca – What is it?

There are many ways in which dragons emerge from the realm of the occult. We see dragon symbolism both literally in paintings and figurines and figuratively in legend and lore. Dragons have been making history since the beginning of time, no matter which religion or theory you subscribe to.

Paganism has also been around since the beginning of time and Pagan belief is filled with the mystical creatures. Pagans have always worshipped the gods and goddesses of their culture, as well as nature, which they believe to be the manifestation of their deities. One of the best known modern Pagan practices is Wicca.

I am quite familiar with Wicca, but recently in my studies, I’ve come across an unfamiliar branch (at least to me) called Draconian Wicca. While Wiccans focus on gods and goddesses, Draconian Wiccans focus on, as you may have figured out, dragons, with the dragon representing both god and goddess, light and dark, and most of all, balance. Where in all traditions, dragons represent wisdom and power, those who follow The Dragon Path take it one step further, appointing the dragon as All-That-Is and incorporating ceremonial magick.

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So while not actually defined as a tradition of Wicca, Draconian Wicca shares many of its defining elements. It has a code of honor and its own holidays and festivals. Like traditional Wicca, different dragons represent the different elements (earth, air, water, fire), all of which may be worked with in different ways for different purposes. There are also clergy and like most religions, it is thought that the best way of passing down the tradition is from teacher to student.

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Draconian Wicca has its own spiritual guides as well. People who believe can chat with and even befriend dragons. As the creatures live on astral planes, the communication is magical.

For more information on dragons, check out your local occult bookstore for Llewellyn’s Dancing with Dragons: Invoke the Ageless Wisdom and Power and Mystical Dragon Magick: Teachings of the Five Inner Rings by D.J. Conway and Three Moon’s Media’s Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire by Parker J. Torrence.

Whatever path you choose to follow, I hope it leads to you where you need to be. Blessed be.


by Jeff Bronson