EASY HACKING TRICK – The Rule of 6's – EVE Exploration and Hacking Guide | Video

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In this video you will learn a full proof way to increase your success rate and speed when hacking by using the rule of sixes to find safe spots and the system core.

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The faster you hack the more ISK you make.

Another great Exploration Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztoJ5yV679I

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  1. so its safer to do exploration in Null Sec vs WH? since you can see Local in Null Sec? i notice you weren't spamming D-Scan like a crack addict so was wondering and i'm still new to this game

  2. Another thing I noticed is that you can bypass almost all firewalls etc if you travel in straight diagonal lines and create Xs with the path you travel across the nodes. It’s hard to explain but the most of the time the board’s layout hints at the correct path just by the availability of the diagonal node paths that don’t have breaks in them. When you go outside of this pattern, you will run into firewalls much more frequently.

  3. You're like a monkey, you can do the trick but you dont understand how or why. Please try to know and understand next time instead of learning a trick. It will benefit your life.

  4. Yeah well. Noob gets done with the tutorial, all is well. Goes to scan down a high sec relic site, uses the relic analyzer non civilian… game saiz this device is not for relic sites. The hell does this stupid game mean noob asks? Then goes to scan down a data site in high sec again, starts to hack assuming success, third "NODE" in, entire overview turns red. Noob panics, and goes to defend himself, and the stupid data site blows up, taking his ship with it. Then CCP wonders why new player retention is at 0.00005%. If there had ever been a game where old players exploit odd loopholes, that do not relate whatsoever to any real world physics, or even simple common sense….It is EVE online. And if you are watching this to learn something, just be ware…if it worked well, the developers had already nerfed it, and this is no longer of any use whatsoever. Just like 99% of the rest of the information online, where players try and try to no avail, to teach someone about the game dynamics of Eve.

  5. doesn't work anymore. Tested it with 10 relic and data sites. only a handful of cans were valid to this rule, the majority was not. It's most likely coincidence atm

  6. The lower the null sec, the higher the NPC levels are. IE, if you can handle bots in 0.9 sec, you will be ONE SHOTTED, FASTER THEN THE SERVER CAN HANDLE IT, by bots in negative 1.0 sec space. A helpful tip I wish these guys would just help us out with. Come on. Simple things.

  7. I've been playing eve since like 2008, but ive taken years off here and there. I'm not familiar with the astero or any of those ships, can someone tell me why the astero is so popular? I use a Buzzard as my exploration ship and I love it, I was just wondering if there was a reason for me to switch to the astero?

  8. From what I know, don;t go into wormholes if all your running is a heron with t1 stuff and a few points into hacking/archaeology. You'll only have like 70 coherance and everything is like 80 to defeat and theres like 10 of them per hack.

  9. This is not 100% true. I ran into a hack the other day that had a supposed "Safe Spot" and it had a virus suppressor. After killing the supressor I clicked on all 6 nodes around it and the final core hack was not there. One thing I noticed is that the numbers that appear on the nodes not only tell you how far you are from a "Good Thing" or a "Mystery Item" but they can also tell you how far you are from the core as well.

  10. Just to throw this out there, if you are committed to being a full time explo, you can scan down sites and wormholes with combat scan probes. This adds just another layer of hesitation for anyone thinking of ganking explorers when then see combat probes vs core probes.

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