Ethical Hacking Tutorial For Beginners | Ethical Hacking Course | Ethical Hacking Training | Edureka {VIDEO}

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This Edureka “Ethical Hacking Tutorial” video will give you an introduction to Ethical Hacking. This video will give you an exhaustive video on key topics of Ethical Hacking for beginners! The video includes the following topics

1:25 What is Ethical Hacking
3:38 Goals of Ethical Hacking
4:17 Why Ethical Hacking is Important
5:57 What is a Security Threat
7:00 Types of Security Threats
8:39 Security Threats: Preventive Measures
10:24 Ethical Hacker Skills
13:13 Why Learn Programming
14:43 Ethical Hacking Tools
19:44 What is Social Engineering
21:13 Phases of Social Engineering
22:53 Social Engineering Techniques
27:04 Cryptography
28:34 Cryptanalysis
29:00 Cryptanalysis Techniques
29:47 Standard Cryptographic Algorithms
31:33 RC4 Decryption Demonstration

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