Exorcising the Penis Through Natural Penis Exercising

When people think of “exorcism,” most people’s minds flash-back to images of Linda Blair and her head spinning ’round in circles on the Silver Screen… The Priest is ready with his Holy Water and Holy Rosary, ready to combat the Devil and his demons that have taken over the poor girl…

An interesting and scary movie in its day. Based on some non-fictional circumstances, apparently. It seems hardly a parallel to make with men who have a small penis; and hardly something that men would think needs “exorcising.”

Unfortunately, for some men with a less-than-average-sized penis, this is exactly what they need. Not on such a religious level; good versus evil and all that, but that they do need to exorcise and eliminate the demons that have come forth through a man believing that his size is inadequate.

The reason for this is that having a small penis is not just a physical situation. In fact, for most men, that’s the least of their precarious situation. The main problem is that such a situation tends to start to take over their mind and their thought patterns. Having a small penis spills over and starts to flood their mind and convince them that they are inadequate in other areas, too. The fears and worries turn into a deluge of demons that affect many aspects of their lives. These are the demons that truly need to be exorcised. Most men are more “average” in size than they think. It’s true. Unfortunately, because of marketing, the reality that “sex sells,” women’s magazines, ignorant people, and a bevy of other “brilliant” minds at work, the notion that an “average” penis is somehow inadequate and is comparable with a man who is a poor-sexual performer.

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That’s hardly true.

Most of the pleasure receptors in the interior of the vagina are located in the first third of the vagina. Most women’s vaginal depth is much less than the “average” size penis. Girth actually has more to do with clitoral stimulation than a man with a large length…. And it goes on and on and on… The point is, most men with even a penis that is less-than-average in size can sexually please and stimulate 90% of the women on this earth.

But if men get hung up on this whole penis size thing, then they need to get rid of these penis demons. One way to do this is to hook up with a woman who loves you for exactly who you are and not for any sexual reason. Another way is to build a bullet-proof outlook on life and don’t let anything possibly hold you back from anything you want to do or accomplish. Or, of course, you can enlarge your penis. Doing so will not only exorcise these demons, but since you are the one actually eliminating them through your efforts and work, then they are certain to never return.

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There are many options available to men who are seeking penis enlargement. I’m sure most men who are interested in the subject have explored and researched most of them. Some work fantastically, some don’t do anything. We have found that the best way to enlarge the penis is through specialized “exercises.” While “exercises” isn’t entirely the most proper word for what actually takes place, it does give a man some idea as to what to expect if they choose this form of enlargement. And that is that you will have to apply some physical effort to enlarging your penis. It’s not very intense or draining, though; all one has to do is use proper stretches, squeezes, and pulls (in its most basic form) to help stretch out the ligaments of the penis and the surrounding structures. Some of these exercises even help to increase the amount of blood the penis can hold. This is important because the more blood the penis can contain, well, that also means that it can get bigger.

Men interested in exorcising these penile demons for good should read Iron Man Penis – The Russian System.


Georg von Neumann


by Georg Von Neumann