Fall Asleep Fast Deep Sleep Meditation for Insomnia / Mindful Movement {VIDEO}

Join Sara Raymond from the Mindful Movement to help you fall asleep fast with this deep sleep guided meditation for insomnia.

Whether you have found this meditation because you experience difficulty falling asleep or you have awakened in the night, this relaxing guided meditation will help you get to sleep. By slowing down with your breath, you will be able to slow down your body and send a message of comfort and safety to your nervous system. There is a powerful connection between your breath and your nervous system. By using your breath as a tool, you can interact with your autonomic nervous system. Tonight, you can use this tool to settle your body into a deep state of relaxation, where your nervous system is calm and you can experience the feeling of safety and peace. As this calmness expands through your entire body and mind, your nervous system will receive the signal that it is time for rest.

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Do not listen while driving.

Meditation was written and read by Sara Raymond
Photo Credit: Lawrence Hookham from unsplash.com
Music Credit: Adrift with Delta waves by Christopher Lloyd Clark licensed by Enlighten Audio

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  1. The constant commands to focus on my various body parts makes me physically uncomfortable. Also the dictation of what those body parts are supposedly feeling is the total opposite of what im experiencing. I was sleepy, now i am wide awake.

  2. Can't sleep so I got cozy and settled down in my dark bedroom to listen and try to fall asleep. But picturing a light was more awakening, and by only 5:54 minutes in I was cracking up at the thought of the light over my body turning to liquid. ? Now on top of this bright light in my room, I was all wet! I was laughing too hard to continue. However, laughing did shift me into a more parasympathetic state so not a total fail.

  3. Thank You So Much Sarah. This was much needed. Though I had to listen it twice yet I feel this audio had some a greater energy and was more divine. You are truely an angel

  4. A new one! And this worked! Took me off somewhere for a little while ???
    thanks Sarah (again)
    Your recent ones are so very profound and more powerful it seems to me ?

  5. Every single video is a powerfull, life changing & deep healing medium. Every single night starts with voice. I am Sara Raymond such a blissful voice Madam.
    Greatest service to the humanity. Kudos.

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