Feng Shui and Quantum Physics

Both feng shui and quantum physics are intricately connected, down at the subatomic level. It is the blend of the conscious intention and observation of the macrocosm and microcosm interaction, the ebb and flow of wave and particle in a cosmic dance around and through us. The millennia of years of observation by philosophers and monks, and the attempt to have some control over the surroundings, has brought us this study, which can be called the law of the flow of life energy.

Quantum physics comes in to explain how something as ethereal as energy flowing through our daily lives could possibly be controlled. Those who study the field of geomancy, dowsers, architects and interior designers, psychics and healers, can all attest to how important the flow of life energy is. The good ones know it instinctively and the denser, less sensitive ones can learn through practice. We see this throughout our days with such people; you know the kind: they walk into a home, tweak the placement of a few things, and suddenly the uninviting becomes a model home. What they are doing is feeling the flow of energy through the home-the blockages, the too-rushed, the stagnation-and moving items to allow the energy (chi) to waltz into each part of the home, energizing and freshening as it goes.

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All life organisms can feel what is good for them and what is dangerous. They might not pay enough attention to those feelings but they do have them. When entering a home for the first time and observing the animals in the home, it’s pretty obvious how the chi flows. If the animals and humans are relaxed and happy, the chi is flowing well; if nervous or agitated, the chi is somehow incorrect. With feng shui ‘cures’, even the worst situation can be somewhat remedied-although the remedy might have to go farther, such as calling in a Buddhist monk to deal with evil energies.

For most people, applying the feng shui cures is relatively easy. Get a beginning book on feng shui, assess the flow of chi and what is desired, rearrange furniture and change colors, and apply the cures to what cannot be changed. For bad chi situations, there are such things as the 5-element pagoda, 7-metals ringing bell, wind chimes, lights, faceted crystals, protective guardians, and yang water features. To attract good chi, there are money toads, lights, crystals, yang water features, wealth pots, wu lou, and various deities in statues and photos. What works varies with the problem and the desires. The whole idea is to decrease the inauspicious energies and increase the auspicious ones. One of the best ways to do both is the Flying Star school of feng shui, which addresses the movements of such energies throughout cycles of time. It’s easy to be peaceful when life flows gently and feng shui can help that to happen.

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