Feng Shui Meets Quantum Physics

Art or Science?

Welcome to a short ride on the technology train while we adventure into history dating back 4000 years. From the ancient analog Lou Pan that is used like a complex slide rule, to the world’s first digital Feng Shui compass, Feng Shui has always required complex mathematics. In today’s digital world these detailed measurements and calculations can now be done with an instrument that combines aerospace technology with the mathematics and physics of Feng Shui.

If you didn’t know already, Feng Shui is a science, although 4000 years ago the word science didn’t exist as it does today. At that time, Feng Shui and its mathematics and science were even hidden from most people because of the political scene in China at that time.

Early in our schooling we learned that everything in this universe is vibrating energy. From subatomic particles to skyscrapers, good vibes to auras, it is all vibrating energy. Every bit of you is vibrating energy and you live in an environment that is vibrating energy. Your personal vibrations interact with the vibrations of your environment including all the people, places and things that make up your world.

We’ve all experienced times when a song, a place or a person has soothed us and we have also experienced being jarred by sounds, places or people. This “I like” vs. “I dislike”, after much experimentation and experience, makes up the background against which we make our choices in life. It is our basis for judgment and our selection of relationships, careers, food and activity.

Most of us have also experienced times when our choices did not exactly provide the experiences we were looking for although they may have been very beneficial by helping us grow and mature. At some point, we connect the dots between choices and our experiences and we want to assure ourselves that what we choose is going to be what we want to experience. Right here is where the art and science of Feng Shui comes into play.

Once you know that you are responsible for the conditions you are in and that you are there because of your choices, you make the connection and the intellectual leap to find out how to truly, actually, really, create and craft the life of your choice.

Here we step into the realm of the science of energy better known as physics.

Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia university states, “…if string theory is right, the microscopic fabric of our universe is a richly intertwined multi-dimensional labyrinth within which the stings of the universe endlessly twist and vibrate, rhythmically beating out the laws of the cosmos.”

If this is true, this whole universe is one enormous vibrating quantum soup within which we live and work and have our relationships. That means too that where we work, the relationships we have and even the health of our bodies are all vibrations!

How could this possibly change my life?

We can easily know what kind of vibration we are habitually engaging in or experiencing, in the same way that we know when laughter is entertainment or critical condescension. So too, we can experience the energy in any environment that is aligned favorably with us personally, or that challenges us, by measuring the success of our relationships with our environment, friends, family, work, etc.

To practice the art of actively choosing or intending to engage with the favorable energy available to us at all times is to practice Feng Shui.

This compass is a tool that helps you create in your life the experiences you really want by quickly, easily and accurately, finding the favorable energy that will help bring that experience into existence. Because energy is everywhere and everything, your intention can at anytime, anywhere, actively engage those vibrations that match your dreams and desires.

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Aren’t I really in charge here?

Well, yes, mostly. Haven’t you ever done absolutely everything you thought you needed to do to have a certain outcome and yet it didn’t happen? Were you in charge then? You were certainly in charge of everything that you were aware of at the time. But, what if there is and has always been something about which you haven’t been aware yet which can and does affect you? Finding out what that is and how to put it to work for you, now that’s putting you in charge in a way that can give you the edge needed to really make a difference.

What is it that exists in the continuum of time and space within which we live and make our choices that could possibly affect us without our being aware of it? Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Masters called that hidden ingredient “Qi”.

Qi Is The Energy Of Life.

The nearly imperceptible energy that surrounds, supports and influences everything around us is called Qi (pronounced “chi” in English). It is something many of us have been unaware of because we can’t find it just with our physical senses. That’s because Qi is an energy that is subtle, all pervasive, and truly the stuff of life. It has been referred to as the energy matrix, Shakti and as cosmic consciousness.

Feng Shui is the art and practice of directing this subtle energy to inspire and create positive changes in your life. This ancient practice is based on mathematics and physics and offers techniques that are an active approach to dealing directly with Qi. There are various Schools or Hats of Feng Shui and they can be confusing, nevertheless, consultants and practitioners all agree that any effort in the use of it is truly worthwhile.

You too can get positive results toward changing your life, manifesting your dreams or just getting a better night’s sleep whenever you want simply through activating the favorable energies that constantly surround you. Good Qi is always available to you if you know how to find and activate it.

Finding and Activating Qi

The electronic Feng Shui compass helps you find your personal favorable energy directions and put this potent energy to work for you everywhere in and around your home, business or office because it calculates where, in any environment, the energy that will support you is coming from. The icons displaying your personal energy are calculated instantly and are easy to understand.

To engage the full potency of the Qi available to assist you in life is to engage the energy that is often referred to as your Heavenly Luck, Human Luck and Earthly Luck.

Heavenly Luck

Feng Shui describes Heavenly Luck as the luck you are born with. The placement of the stars and planets at the time of your birth influences this kind of luck. Heavenly Luck is the congregation of planetary and solar energies at the time of your birth that aid or hinder your earthly path. Heavenly Luck also influenced the circumstances of your parents and the cultural and economic conditions surrounding your birth.

Think of the Earth as an energy grid that changes subtly, day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment. This grid changes as the Earth’s proximity to the sun and the other planets in our solar system change. The rotation of our solar system through the galaxy and all of the magnetic energy fields of these systems we move through, combine to affect the Earth’s magnetic field. A snapshot of all of these energies, at the moment of your birth, presents you with a magnetic blueprint as unique as your own fingerprints and in Feng Shui terms is called your Gua number.

You are an energy field and you have an impact on other energy fields. Also, the energy fields of others, people, places and things, affect you. Moreover, all of this works in much the same way that musical notes, colors and aromas are pleasant, neutral or unpleasant depending upon the perception and opinions of the person experiencing them.

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Human Luck

Our Human Luck is the luck we make ourselves by the application of effort to study, learn and achieve a goal. Human Luck consists of your personal motivation and capacity to persevere, endure and focus your concentration on a subject or task until you have done what you set out to do.

Your Human Luck is the accumulation of your personal efforts in all respects. Your past, your education, upbringing, life experiences and all your thoughts and choices have combined to give you the Human Luck you are currently experiencing.

The thoughts you think now and the actions you take now create your future luck. You can change your future and your fortune! Every effort you make now to enhance your Human Luck also paints the canvas of your future. Using Feng Shui can help your Human Luck soar to new heights.

Earthly Luck

Earthly Luck is the luck available from your personal environment. It can support your individual vibration frequency or offer challenges. It can appear in the form of struggles at work or the good fortune you encounter in finding your soul mate or anything in between. Understanding and using Feng Shui, you can engage and activate the support of your Earthly Luck.

Your Gua Number

Based on your birth date, you have four favorable and four challenging directions. These directions are favorable or challenging for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. This energy is engaged and enhanced by the placement of things in your home or office, like your bed or desk. All of these things create a frequency in the environment you spend time in. The amount of time you spend in a particular environment with a particular frequency can activate that frequency within your personal field, and that is why you need to know where the good energy is coming from.

Perhaps you have a child who is performing poorly at school. Take a look at the placement of their bed. They may be sleeping in their Total Loss vibration. If so, they might not be able to get a good night’s sleep. Without good sleep they can’t perform well during the day.

Favorable and challenging energies have an influence and importance for you according to the amount of time you spend in a space. Like Human Luck, you can change your Earthly Luck through your actions and intentions.

The Electronic Feng Shui Compass

When you apply Feng Shui principles based on accurate compass readings and a variety of specific calculations, they can indeed activate your Human and Earthly Luck and help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This compass gives you immediate access to your fortunate and favorable energies. It is a modern tool utilizing traditional approaches to Feng Shui that have been practiced for over 4000 years in China.

Among all the schools and methods that apply Feng Shui, one constant is an awareness of and appreciation for the impact that Qi has on your very precious human life. Learning to activate and enhance this energy in your life and the lives of your loved ones is what this compass will help you accomplish. It is a tool for making authentic Feng Shui accessible to all.


Source by Tisha Vollum