Finger Jello Recipes

Kids, especially preschoolers, love Finger Jello! They love it

even more when they get to help make it. Let your preschooler

cut the Jello into shapes with cookie cutters when the Jello is

set. Make green and red for Christmas, orange for

Halloween. Making finger jello can be a fun family activity!

Finger Jello Recipe #1

3 3-oz. pkg. Jello

4 pkg. Knox unflavored gelatin

4 c. boiling water

Mix all ingredients together until dissolved. Pour into

13x9x2-in. baking dish and refrigerate. Cut into squares or use

cookie cutters to create shapes.

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Finger Jello Recipe #2

3 3-oz. pkg. Jello

1 c. whipping cream

2 1/2 c. boiling water

Mix Jello and boiling water together until dissolved. Add

whipping cream and continue stirring. Pour into 8×8-in. pan and

chill well.

Finger Jello Recipe #3

1 c. sweetened condensed milk

1 3-oz. pkg. purple Jello

1 3-oz. pkg. orange Jello

1 3-oz. pkg. yellow Jello

1 3-oz. pkg. green Jello

1 3-oz. pkg. red Jello

7 pkg. Knox unflavored gelatin

To prepare filling, dissolve 2 envelopes of Knox gelatin in 1/2

cup cold water. Add 1 cup boiling water to sweetened condensed

milk. Add dissolved gelatin to milk and stir in 1 additional cup

of boiling water. Set aside.

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To create layers, prepare one box of Jello at a time. Mix 1

envelope Knox gelatin with 1/4 cup cold water. Add 1 cup boiling

water and 1 box Jello. Pour Jello into greased 13x9x2-inch baking

pan. Refrigerate 15-20 minutes until set.

Pour 3/4 cup filling over set Jello. Chill 15-20 minutes.

Continue layering Jello and filling, ending with Jello on top.

Chill each layer 15-20 minutes before adding next layer.


by Rachel Paxton