Fly Fishing Tackle: Hardy Demon 5000 Fly Reel Review

Fly fishing is as much of an art as it is a science. What I mean is that the angler must bring all his skills to bear if he is truly serious about becoming highly proficient through practise. The “science” bit refers to the angler’s fly fishing tackle, which can help or hinder him in his quest. For my part, I’m always glad to let the science and technology of quality fly fishing tackle aid me in my “artful” search for a trophy specimen of trout or salmon. One piece of gear I especially favour is my fly reel from industry giant Hardy: the Demon 5000.

Key Features of the Hardy Demon 5000 Fly Reel

Regardless of your skill level, the Hardy Demon 5000 fly reel can be a valuable ally when you’re battling a salmon or trout. It supports a wide variety of fly lines, making it quite versatile. I’ve found my Demon 5000 to be both tough and durable. I especially appreciate the low cost spools that allow me to carry all the line I need and have it at the ready. Another key feature is the innovative touch-button spool release that allows me to change the Demon 5000’s spool quickly, easily and reliably, in any weather. This is a feature-rich, superior quality reel that looks great and performs superbly. Read on for more of my thoughts.

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More About the Hardy Demon 5000 Fly Reel

Priced at about £245.00 on special offer, the Hardy Demon 5000 fly reel is the perfect choice for 6 and 6 weight lines. The spools are made from tough, durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate. The Demon 5000 is ideal for bass, trout and light salt-water fishing. Two spare spools are included. The reel’s capacity is WF7 +70 yards. The Demon 5000 weighs 6.91 ounces and has a diameter of 3.6 inches. Another feature I really like is the aluminium cage and spool housing that’s made from 6061 bar stock. 6061 aluminium, by the way, is a hardened alloy that contains silicon and magnesium. It’s easy to weld and one of the most durable aluminium alloys around. In addition, the reel’s design includes ultra-strong screw-and-nut construction. The braking system on the Demon 5000 has a four-disc Rulon brake. Rulon is a type of plastic that resists friction and abrasion. Used in engine parts, such as pistons and bearings, just imagine how well Rulon performs in a fishing reel!

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Final Thoughts on the Hardy Demon 5000 fly reel Reel

This reel requires no tools to convert it from right- to left-handed operation. There’s also a positive drag adjuster. The Hardy Demon has a durable, hard anodised finish, making it highly resistant to corrosion. Finally, it comes in a padded Cordura reel case that helps to protect it from everyday wear and tear in my tackle box.

I’m pleased to rate this quality piece of fly fishing tackle at 4.5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend it without hesitation.


by Tommy Lee Jones