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Personal computers, otherwise known as PCs, have been in existence now for the last two and half decades and have revolutionized the way people work and share information. This is a long cry from when computers used to occupy three or four story buildings because of their bulky size. They also used to be predominantly owned by huge science research operators and the military. All that has changed now and companies such as IBM have conducted impressive research that has totally changed the way computers look and work.

Personal computers, a domain of large offices and business operators, are now a household items and in countries such as the US and the EU they are now a household item. The personal computer world also underwent another renaissance and this was when the computer shrunk and now we have the laptop. Laptops have become the in thing when it comes to personal computing and accomplishing tasks whether you are a businessman, a teacher, researchers, a student or just a social network person willing to connect with friends online.

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Laptops have been widely popular and there is no telling when this popularity will wane. This is because laptops are very convenient. One can carry their work with them and are no longer limited to just working in their home or office. This has made it easier to work and tasks are now accomplished faster and better.

Pink laptops caused quite a stir when they first appeared on the market and were featured in several consumer electronics magazines. Pink is usually a color associated with feminism and lots of ladies quickly identified with this cute friend. Pink has always been a hot seller whenever it adorns anything. This is because there is a sentimental value attached to color pink. We all remember the song “pink Cadillac” and we have also seen the stir that the color pink causes especially with cars. Then the Motorola phone company came up with the pink razor phone which also took the world by storm.

This is the same reaction that the creators of the pink laptop had in mind, a computer that is sleek and hip and that is also attractive. While pink is certainly a color that is bound to sway a lot of lady computer geeks, it is not entirely hard to envision men going for pink laptops as well.

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The pink laptops are convenient. They also have state-of-the-art accessories to match. This is because computers are no longer considered just working gadgets that are ideal just for the traveling businessman, professor or researcher. But they are multimedia gadgets, used by teens to play high-adrenaline and high graphics games. In this complex world of social networking, they are also used for connecting with friends and family. Then they are also equipped with sophisticated sound and video cards not to mention DVD players and Blue-Ray disc players to watch high definition movies. All these are loaded into the pink laptop for maximum computing experience.


by Theodor Cartman

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