Getting Over an Emotional Affair – How to Survive Your Affair

Are you struggling and need help getting over an emotional affair? I really hope I can help you out. Surviving your affair is all about one thing: understanding why it happened, and mending the things that were broken. It’s often that we blame the “symptom” as the “reason” for the affair, when it’s nothing more than a “symptom”

The Real Reason Emotional Affairs Happen

An example I want to share is this… Let’s say that Tom & Susan are fighting a lot. They fight all the time, and that “leads” Tom to have an emotional affair. Now, they might both blame the “fighting” as the reason – but it’s not the true reason for the affair. The concept here is you need to find the underlying reasons.

The real reasons that affairs happen are normally one of two things, depending on if the husband or wife was having the affair. It’s boiled down to two very simple things: not feeling appreciated, and not feeling admired.

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Why Men Have Affairs 99% Of The Time

Men “need” one thing… And it’s not a skinny waist or a pretty face. Men need, crave, and seek out admiration. They get it from their new-wives for a while, as she bats her eyes and shows him how much she loves him and admires him – but as time passes, it will and usually does slow down. Of course, there’s nobody to blame, as it’s a naturally occurring thing in most couples on earth. But once Tom, in the above example, stops feeling admired at home, he will begin to find it in other places. This leaves him in a very vulnerable state, and almost any woman with the right words can pick him off.

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Why Women Have Affairs

Women, just like men, need something very specific – but it’s not admiration. Women need something so simple that it’s overlooked. Appreciation. This is the one thing that women have affairs for. Sure, there might be other reasons that complicate the situation, but this is the core concept. When men start out a relationship, much like women, it’s all sunny and bright in the beginning. He appreciates her, and his little gifts and affection show it. But as time passes, the “appreciation” dries up, and she seeks it elsewhere.

How to Show Appreciation & Admiration & Recapture the Love of Your Relationship


by Joe Mayer