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New to the game or haven’t even started yet? Let’s show you how to make your first steps towards a successful career!
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  1. YOU LIGHT TO ME BICH 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Please provide help for the color-blind players. At present, the HUD, the top-right map AND the speed, altitude etc on the top left are unreadable due to color blindness. Perhaps an option to user-set the colors and/or contrasts to aid readability. As a last resort – provide opaque black/white backgrounds to map and speed etc. IN Realistic, the enemy planes are invisible. PLEASE HELP.

  3. Is this game really a multiplayer or not? when ever i join the game, no one talk in chat box and answer me, chat box is always empty and in last it is very easy to kill enemy while i am new.

  4. the game maker needs to get real. stop showing 90 per cent of the vid being a bad ass and just tell a potential customer how to play the game. controls are never explained, interface never explained, no user manual or impossible to get. i just uninstalled the 'game' because even though the concept is cool ,the support does not exist.

  5. I hate games that throw you right into the action without giving me the option to tweak my settings and look around in the garage first. World of Tanks doesn't have this feature as well but it's possible to exit the tutorial (which we need in WT!).

  6. I can't even get the game to load. I click on the desktop icon, a panel comes up. It says download complete and then nothing. This panel displays the current news, settings options and a Masters of the Sea mod of some sort. I put a complaint to support but it is pretty bad if the game doesn't even load.

  7. I want to send a video but I cannot, when I try to download it in the game it comes up with a grey screen and when i try to do it through chrome it downloads it but i do not know how to open the file. any suggestions?

  8. Its not fair from other players if they download it they make an account and enter da game they can play while not me is there something wrong wit my pc or gaijin just hate me thats why they dont let me play war thunder

  9. But gaijin dosent save my account so even if i log in then enter the game and type the same as i typed when i log in IT DOSENT WORK so i cannot enter the game is someone fuking hacking me

  10. i tried to create an accout but when the game is downloaded i cannot enter da game cause its keep on saying incorrect even
    i tried to type my gaijin account it still said incorrect password and username WTF WHAT IS GAIJIN DOING!!!!

  11. Offline single player PS4 starting guide ? , other than online single player video tutorial. ( and how to look right and left in plane cockpit etc., as setting up the buttons didnt work.)

  12. What are the specifics of the "professional rig" the commentator is referring to in the graphics settings? I want to play the game MAXED OUT on everything!

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