Getting Xbox E73 and E74 Error Fix at Home – Now You Can Fix Your Xbox Easily!

So if you are looking for information regarding how to perform an Xbox e73 error fix or Xbox error e74 fix then keep on reading. Because in this article I will discuss about the two most popular Xbox repair options that are currently available in the market.

Option 1: Microsoft Xbox repair

This particular option is mostly recommended when a console is under the warranty period and took a hit from an error code like e73 or e74. This is because Microsoft offers free repair for warranted machines or they replace the troubled console with a refurbished one for which you do not need to pay any additional charge. However, in case of Microsoft repair, you will have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to get your console fixed from the error code. And in addition to that, Microsoft does not offer free repair if your console is no longer covered by the warranty. It can cost you $100 to $150 to fix a warranty expired machine through them. This is why many gamers these days look for some other option to get rid of an error code when their console has an expired warranty. Here I will talk about that other option.

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Option: 2 Fixing an Xbox at home

Don’t have warranty for your console which got infected by error code e73 or e74? Don’t know how to fix an Xbox easily? Then no need to worry. There are some highly reliable Xbox manuals available in the market that can save the day for you. An Xbox repair guide or manual is a kind of high tech e-book that includes detail repair instructions along with high quality video clips that will show you how to repair your console in the safest possible way.

So now you know the truth. You can repair a console easily at home all by yourself and get rid of that irritating error code in a matter of hours. This option is particularly recommended for an Xbox owner whose console has an expired Microsoft warranty. However, do not hesitate to send you machine back to a Microsoft repair center if your console is still being covered by that warranty.

How to buy an Xbox repair manual for performing Xbox e73 and e74 error fix

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To get the best guide of the market to perform an Xbox e73 error or error e74 fix at home, you really do not have to take a single step out of your house. Simply sit in front of your pc and insert some key phrases like: “Xbox 360 repair manual”. “Xbox repair guide” or any other similar key phrase and a long list of websites will appear on your screen that is offering Xbox repair manuals that you can buy online. However, make sure that the guide you are interested to purchase is offering:

1. the whole package for no more than $20

2. video based repair instructions

3. permanent fix for some of the most common error codes

4. a quick fix for the error

In addition to this, some manual developers will provide online support to make sure that you are being able to perform a successful repair for the broken console.


by David Shell