GoPro: Introducing Quik™ | Desktop | Video

The Quik Desktop App is the easiest way to get your footage off your camera, so you can check out your shots, make awesome videos, and share those moments with your friends.

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As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.

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  1. Attention, don't buy gopro max because you don't have software to edit on windows. Gopro only wants to sell, it doesn't care about its users. It's been 8 months since its launch and they don't want to know. you buy gopro max and can only edit on Mac or Smartphone. VERY BAD

  2. Why in the hell did I buy a GoPro with GPS tracking only to be able to show that in tiny segments? How idiotic???? Has anyone actually liked this software??

  3. Quik is so unprofessional… Worst editing software i used ever… GoPro.. pls checkout the DJI Fly Software.. this is how "easy to use" editing software looks like

  4. she says "Comes bundled with go pro studio…" No it dose not. you can only make 60 second videos useing this App on pc total garbage. am uninstalling now And this deserves many thumbs down bad move go pro

  5. GoPro Quick is the WORST App/Programm i EVER tried to use!!!!!!
    the first horrible thing is that the app is immediately "creating" a clip with effects,music etc etc …
    so you have to enable EVERYTHING first before you can even start…
    you have to choose between 15 , 30 or 60 seconds, why? so i can't get a 2minute clip???
    very complicated to use, highlights are absolutely useless to me but i have to set them anyway, without setting highlights i can't even get my clip at the storyboard…
    wow .. i couldn't even deinstal. without problems:-)))

  6. Bring back the GoPro studio app! Its really disappointing and upsetting..Ive been a user of GoPro since the Hero 4 and Quick is a total rubbish… I for one are not on the instant immediate uploading and I make my videos on a bit longer than 60 seconds…it became unreliable honestly..

  7. I am absolutely astonished at how crap this Quik app is. I have spent 2 hours ass-ing around with it and it is still just a blank white screen. And yes, that includes executing all of your archived help-blogs. What apiece of $…!

  8. Please, PLEASE, bring back GoPro studio so it's not crashing every few minutes and delete this useless editor, at least for pc! Quik is the worse "video editor" I have ever tried! Completely useless and not so easy to use.

  9. Somebody said this program/software was created by a Soccer Mom. LOL I hope not! And there are many complaints about it with many saying it sucks. I think I'll pass and move along……

  10. This is a useless video. How about some real help? This app is WAY too complicated and not at all intuitive. Makes me want to abandon the GoPro and go back to the Sea Life camera for diving videos. Shame on GoPro.

  11. I'ts almost 2020 now and the desktop app is still shi*t!!! How is this possible?? Come on gopro!
    On my macbook pro the app wont work and only show a black screen on all videos. On another laptop with i7 processor it works, however i have videos longer than 60 seconds.. I don't understand how this mess is possible..

  12. Basically go pro quick made all old go pros impossible to use;My go pro 4 session that i loved cant be used anymore as it is not supported by this bullshit software.Fuck you go pro i will neve3r by one of youre products again!

  13. Gopro quik windows desktop app is just garbage.. It's 2019 & still they haven't improve it. It's really frustrating man. It can't add another sound to your clip than default even though many free tracks are available in list, it can't move adjustment sliders, you can't trim video.. It sucks.. I don't know, who dumb ass developed such crap software.. I'm uninstalling. Don't want such bullshit on my pc. Even windows movie maker work better than this app.

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