Guided Meditation Before Sleep: Let Go Of Fear In Uncertain Times (Meditation for Peace of Mind) | Video

Feeling anxious? Use this guided meditation prior to sleep to let go of fear. Right now, the world is going through uncertain times. It is important, now more than ever to take care of our mental health. This meditation may help. For a comforting sleep, download your FREE guided sleep meditation!

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Guided Sleep Meditation, Let Go of Anxiety, Fear, Worry Before Sleep 😌

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Beginners Guided Meditation Before Sleep Release Anxiety and Stress As You Sleep 💤

Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation: Fall Asleep Faster with Sleep Music & Spoken Word Hypnosis 😴

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. I love your guided meditations. They are very helpful and effective.
    I am wondering whether could post a guided meditation that people could do during the global unity and peace meditation which will take place tomorrow. (I know, this is a kind of a short notice request, and I understand, if you don’t want to do this.)
    Thank you 🙏

  2. I've given sleep meditation a try for the first time tonight as it's 02:04 am right now, I've struggled to sleep for ever so long, mostly due to my arthritis and psoriatic skin condition, continuous irritation, negative thoughts and daily hatred and annoyances. For the entire duration of this session I felt nothing but inner peace. I've not felt that for a very, very long time. Thank you for helping me get back in control of my own thoughts and self control.

  3. Your work is so amazing, Jason. Your guided meditations have helped me through a lot of anxiety and restless nights. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Your voice is so calming. <3

  4. So good! This is great for trying to calm down a bit. Even when my mind keeps racing, it is comforting to listen to your voice. Thank you for doing so much to help others. I know these are trying times for you personally. I've been sharing the link to this one with friends who are experiencing stress. Sending you a virtual hug, my friend.

  5. Thank you Jason for these beautiful and wonderful meditations.
    I have enjoyed them for a couple of years now. They have given me a source for a little peace in a very sad time for us all. Peace and love to us all.

  6. Omg… in the last 3 years… i had to leave an abusive ex.. my mum died mt dad died… i had corona virus in Feb.. I've never been so sick…. . and my anxiety is unbearable… i just don't want to be here sometimes I look forward to your vids.. its the only time I can take my mind off of things. X

  7. Thank you so much again Jason. Love the Reiki hands too. You always seem to know precisely what we need. May you have the peace and good health you give others.

  8. A beautiful meditation, thank you for this Jason. We all need this in these unsettling times. Hopefully we will go onto a new earth. 🙏🙏

  9. Heartfelt thanks Jason, your meditations are such a blessing for us all…..especially right now…..prayers for all sentient beings……

  10. Thank you for this short one, it was perfect and needed. Listen to your guided meditation most nights and has helped with adjusting coming off anxiety meds. Would love a morning guided one, even if it’s 20 mins. Thank you, your voice is so calming and reassuring x

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