Guided Meditation for Deep Positivity – Law of Attraction – Self Hypnosis | Video

This guided meditation, infuses deep positivity by broadening your mind, through the use of the ‘Law of Attraction’. Understanding the Law of Attraction will allow you to alter your mind set and the way you think, to ensure only positive thinking, which in turn will help manifest your dreams and desires, be it wealth, health, love or happiness. Take control of your life.

The end of this session will gives you the option to wake from your relaxed state, or allow you to drift in to a deep night’s sleep and awaken naturally, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for your day ahead.

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This session is suitable for repeated listening.

Confidence Meditation:


Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this video.

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Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery. Thank you.


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  1. Thank you so much.I have never felt as peace within myself ! I fell asleep during this meditation and woke up minutes later feel so peaceful and energetic I can feel the pain and stress leave my body (I did yoga before this meditation which I felt as help) I use to think all this meditation stuff was a joke but I feel like my own superhero 🧘🏽

  2. I have never felt so relaxed doing meditation in my life , I think the music in the background was on point or something , voice is soothing too and great advice , loved it

  3. Last night before sleeping I was just so happy for no reason. Like I’m at a bit of a struggle right now but I’m keeping positive knowing life is so good no matter what!

  4. I feel refreshed and and full of energy!!! Thank you so much… And god bless you😉😊🌹🌹🌹💕💕🙏🙏🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆💯💯

  5. You shouldnt remind or speak of the negative when one is in meditative state. Affirming negativity. Dont listen to this guys. I know its not made with bad intentions but its not so effective

  6. i've been suffering from alot of negativity and its been getting worse, its become a habit were i say negative things instantly.. i feel like i suffer from alot of anger and anxiety like everyone around me is judging me.. this has been helping slowly, hopefully i can release more good energy and become more positive in the future from more meditation and healing.

  7. Your meditations help me a lot. Thank you so much. I really need to put my thoughts in order…I became so not confident of myself that I start to think negative about everything my career, life, love. I feel every day like I'm wasting my life every day is the same. I think my biggest problem is that I don't know what to do in life.I need to do something meaningfull something that will get me up from the bed early in the morning. I have no idea what that is and i feel so frustrated and depressed… im wasting this whole time when i could of put all my energy into something great. probably it sounds stupid.

  8. @Possitive Suggestion, thank you so much for this. This is the best thing to start my day, feeling relaxed, loved and focused. Just what I needed; your shower of possitivity. Thanks once again,
    Lots of love,

  9. This resonated a lot with me and where I'm at right now. Just what I've been working on! Thank you ✨

  10. Woah. I opened my eyes and they feel heavy like I’ve been sleeping for days, my arms heavy. My mind feels completely cleansed. Wow.

  11. I personally think meditation plays the most important part of you’re life, at least try it for 30 mins.
    You really do feel you’re soul connection 🔥

  12. this went beyond guided meditation – this was literally self hypnosis. the most calm and positive i’ve ever felt in my life. thank you!!!

  13. This is an awesome feeling! Thank you! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

  14. Y’all pray for me please,I want to help those in need and I need y’all to send good vibes and energy my way if you can It would be very appreciated!!!! I love y’all ,if you are reading this ,you are an amazing and beautiful soul!

  15. This has been one of the most beneficial meditations ever! Things happen for a reason and it’s made me see the positive in everything. I’ve gained so much understanding and love for myself that no matter who surrounds me or brings me down I’m always gonna believe and be true to myself. I trust the universe and whoever is reading this now believe and you will get what you want. You all deserve the best. You all deserve to be loved. And most importantly you all deserve to be happy 😭❤️

  16. Right at the moment when I was lying on the bed during meditation, ready to absorb positive energy by hearing positive words, suddenly I heard a wave of negative words and phrases such as "fear", "negativity" , "regret", "Dreams never come true for many people", etc. Hmmm, I am not sure if this is the effective way to absorb positive energy ( for me at least). I have read somewhere that negative words always have negative effect on subconscious mind even if used in a positive meaning sentence.

  17. Oneness Conciousness:
    Here are the seven Chakra and heres how our solar system is aligned to it. 

    Crown Chakra Saturn
    Third Eye Chakra Jupiter
    Throat Chakra Mars
    Heart Chakra Sun
    Solar Chakra Mercury
    Sacral Chakra Venus 
    Root or Earth Chakra Earth

    Body (Earth, Venus, Mercury)
    Mind (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)
    Soul (🌞)

    Heavier small solid state planets below and large gaseous state planets above that's why we say lower frequency for lower chakra because solid states vibrates at lower level and higher frequency for higher chakra because gaseous states vibrates at a higher rate. 

    Imagine the whole Solar System within your Body as you are 1 as Internal as External that is the 5D state of Consiousness or Oneness Consiousness with no concept of Separation.

    So follow your heart & embrace unconditional love as we are all one.

    So come out of Maya to Zero.
    From Infinity to Unity  

    Twenty Three:
    23 is the number 5 or change
    23 is also the number of chromosome in human body which is actually 11:11 + 1 (Freewill)

    Freewill to be a Male or a Female or any other choice that you took in your contract for this incarnation.

    But since you are not connected to Source you are letting yourself go frenzy with your freewill you don't know what to do in life because you are unable to express the unique expression you are because the system is here to control. System thrives & keeps you under control through power, sex, money, pleasure, fame & media.

    So find the Freewill to Break Free & pursue Spirituality in your own way.

    If you still haven't muster freewill let me tell you the problem my friend.

    Imagine that you as a person are a product & you came with a 'user manual' (Bible, Quran, Geeta etc.) in form of Religious books but you didn't read.

    Doesn't mean Government aren't going to use it, Businesses aren't going to use it, Military aren't going to go use it & Religion is surely definitely going to Use it, Abuse it or even Misuse it to have Absolute Control, Money & Power.

    So come out and be you the real you. The true you.

    11:11 means to align & Integrate and bring balance in your body, mind & soul while aligning your 7 major chakra along with 72000 minor chakra nadis so that you are better able to integrate 5D Conciousness.

    So that you always remain in 5D Consiousness this whole internal process manifested into external process to raise the Collective Conciousness as it personified into 1,44,000 & even more people (timelines have collapsed).

    But as per saying there are 72,000 Divine Feminine Individuals with their 72,000 Divine Masculine Individuals so that they help each other ascend to Satyug or Golden Era.

    My sincere respect & admiration to all these individuals here who have invested so much of their lifetime, hardship, life struggle, physical, mental, emotional anguish to come to this day.

    Sat Sat Pranam Sat Sat Namaskar
    I bow to all of you and each of your Divine being abode with all my humility.

  18. Hated this meditation, it had too many negative suggestions than positive suggestions. I stop and forwarded to the next suggestion, but they were all about the negative.
    This should video should be removed and the “hypnotherapist” should think before he records such messages.

  19. right at the end of the session i visualized getting the things i wanted. I got soo extremely happy visualizing this that i began to cry. i opened my eyes and i feel soo so happy and content knowing that everything is lining up how it should. best guided meditation ive listened to. thank you!

  20. Still loving this one. Had to appreciate again. Thank you again. Hope to discover more just like this with the same
    Beautiful voice and music and message. ❤️

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