Guided Sleep Meditation Let Go of Anxiety, Fear, Worry Before Sleep | Video

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Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia ? & Healing ❤ with Affirmations

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5 of the Best Sleep Guided Meditations combined into one seamless recording ??

Guided Meditation with Gentle Waterfall Nature Sounds ???

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  1. With all that going on in this world right now, my anxiety and panic disorder is at an all time high. I'm scared and don't know what to feel anymore. All I want to do is feel normal again. Sleep normal and just live life normal again. I don't know how to not constantly worry about…well nothing. It just hits me all of a sudden and I'm in a frantic state. Sorry for the rant, but it makes me fell better just talking it about it. Thanks to anyone who reads this. May god bless us all.

  2. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was overthinking so at 4am I was looking for something to listen to and found this video it helped me remove a lot of negativity in my mind and put me in a deep sleep❤️

  3. Came looking to find peace . My anxiety. Worry n fear wonr leave me. No matter how I try. Already releasing 6 minutes in. N wow it isnt easy. Thank u for ur voice. <3

  4. I think this is my favorite meditation you’ve done. My happy place is the lake at sunset so it was so easy to visualize. Thank you!

  5. You are safe, you are capable, prepare your mind to be at peace ✌? and you will be victorious. Be still now. Know that you can overcome and thrive, prosper and do the work when then time is right. ?✌?????‍♂️

  6. okay what I have needed a lot in my life is joy & laughter:

    I kept hearing – I man hoover through life easily
    I lego with grace & ease
    I trust the ribeye, blow and life
    beer is an opportunity for me

    I actually do sleep to this, but am thankful for the laughs tonight

  7. Thank you so much sir! I can't tell you how grateful I am. Last night it was literally chaos.. Never been so much anxious.. Couldn't sleep even after 2 hrs lying in my bed. But just 2 minutes into your video, I actually felt relaxed and through your guide.. I got to sleep. Thank you so much for your work, may God bless you.First thing in the morning, I'm thanking you. Without your guide I don't know how long I would have suffered . More than that, I'm relieved that If by chance I find myself in similar situation ever, I have a place to go to.. That is your channel. Huge Respect for you sir.

  8. Thank you so much. I haven’t had a good nights rest in over a year and half since losing my brother. I’ve listen to this twice now and have fallen asleep so peacefully and wake up next morning. No waking up through night or nightmares. Anxiety usually plays up but it stopped. I wake up feeling so much more calmer. Could not be more grateful and happy.

  9. Jason, thank you! These are the best to fall asleep to. It helps out tremendously with daily stresses and anxiety.

  10. Jason Stephenson. Thank you for your guidance. I have tried so many.. nothing has worked. This one really helps me. Thank you for posting

  11. I love your work Jason but this one is more of an affirmation meditation….Such a beautiful beginning however, with lake…..✨??

  12. Love this Untill almost asleep…then BAM LOUD ASS CASH APP AD…Scared rhe shit out of me…Now I'm up cleaning my oven at 4 am

  13. Jason, this one was perfect for me tonight; thank you so much, for ALL of the good work that you do.
    I'm sending peace and all good wishes to everyone who posts kind messages on here. <3

  14. I wish YouTube had channels and meditation videos like this back when my panic attack disorder was really bad and at its peak . I feel like it would have helped a lot . !

  15. I have tried listening to other guided meditation videos but so far yours are the best. I am so glad that I found you. Your videos have helped me through so many times that I feel I am having and anxiety attack. Everyone of your videos are the best I have ever listened to. Thanks for helping me and all of your other listeners. You are most definitely a God sent. ?❤

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