Hacking Tutorials – 3 – basic backtrack and bash shell usage | Video

In this episode I’ll some you some simple commands for the bash shell that you can use in Backtrack and other linux operating systems.

Username: root
Password: toor

simple Commands

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(barracks ) = data such as a file name or string (text)
{output } = output of console syntax .

echo (text) = prints text
cd (directory) = change directory
cat (file ) = prints contents of file
wc (file) = byte word character count of file
grep (keyword) (file ) = search a file for keywords
nano (file ) = edit or create ‘text’ file

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  1. I've watched all your videos several times and always find myself coming back and watching them again. I find them so useful and learn a great deal. As a student in a similar field this helps greatly with my study. Thanks!

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