Hacking Tutorials – 9 – Introduction to Metasploit | Video

In this tutorial I’ll show how to get started with metasploit by explaining the fundamental concepts behind it and the basic commands to control it


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  1. I decided the previous problem with the password, and now there was another ..

    [*] Trying target Windows NT SP3-6a/2000/XP/2003 Universal…
    [*] Binding to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135]…
    [*] Bound to 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57:0.0@ncacn_ip_tcp:[135]…
    [*] Sending exploit …

    not there was a message that "Exploit completed, but …..bal bla bla"
    why ??

  2. usually i fucking HATE tutorials with music instead of narration but this one gets thumbs up after the first 3 seconds!
    nice song, good video ✌

  3. you can analyze the system type/os using nmap.. ex. If it is an xp machine, you can choose an exploit that falls in line with xp machines.. or you can use a client side attack to exploit ie, firefox, chrome etc.

  4. Wow, thanks man… You've got my sub! *thumbs* Pretty dumbed down for not only new metasploit users and/or new hackers, but as well as to what is actually happening with these machines and how they connect and function with the software itself. Thanks a lot! 🙂

    —New Metasploit user… lol

  5. really enjoying the tutorials these are some of the best explinations i have come across for pentesting introductions

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