Hacking WiFi Passwords for fun and profit | WiFi Hacking Course / Tutorial {VIDEO}

You want to learn how to hack wifi password?

Hello World,

I’m zanidd. Dev, Hobby hacker and PenTesting Intern. And today I’m showing you how to hack a wifi network.

Also this video is and #ad for a WiFi Hacking course, but the course is no longer available.

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I make some pentesting, hacking lab challenges, coding and ctfs.
This video is just for fun and educational purpose, you should never hack a website.

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  1. Or you could just tell your neighbour that your WiFi is down for a couple of days, and ask if you can jump on their WiFi for a short time. Charisma level high!!

  2. Folks there is an ɑpp for this which can get you WiFi pɑsword in just few minutes.
    – It’s called WiFi Cracko , you can easily find it on ɢooɢle seɑrch pɑge.

    do something useful instead of hacking learn a scripting or programming language.
    hacking is fun until your the one getting hacked,and bullied online.

    PUT 10 RANDOM MAC's IN mac.list.
    and change wlp2s0 to your own interface.
    linux bash script:

    function ranwlp {
    sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 down
    rana=$(($RANDOM % 10));
    while read -r mac;do
    if [ $x -eq $rana ];then
    done < mac.list
    sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 hw ether "$mac"
    sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 up

  4. I dont think you can teach hacking yourself. In my country when i reach class 9 im going to be able to take special coding/programming/hacking classes. For an example; I could create a code cracker wich would allow me to gain acces to an admin rank in minecraft. Iv seen 1 of those hacks kinda nuts. Or you could learn how to trash the server of any game aka crash the server . There are a lot of hacks going from filling a kahoot game with 300 bots to downloading porn on your teachers laptop from your pc.

  5. im using a wifi hotspot with Arduino to secure a box of money. controlled with some mag lock.
    i only wanted to know how hard it's to hack that wifi hotspot !

  6. Your desktop image is hilarious. "고기, 원칙" means "Meat, Principle" in Korean. I guess this is kind of local grill house in Korea. BTW I think your video In principle got the meat. :).

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