Headspace | Meditation | Training the Monkey Mind | Video

When you first close your eyes to meditate, you might be surprised by how energetic the mind is. Where is the peace I was promised? It’s not peaceful in here at all! But don’t be discouraged. In this animation we explore how to create the conditions for a calm, quiet mind.

If you enjoy this animation, and you’d like to learn how to meditate, you can get started for free, by downloading the Headspace app.

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Learn to meditate in a few minutes a day with the Headspace app. It delivers guided meditations based on teachings that Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder of Headspace, learned during the ten years he spent studying meditation and mindfulness in monasteries across Asia.

The first series, Basics, is completely free. As the name suggests, it will teach you the basics of meditation and mindfulness. After that, via subscription, Headspace offers hundreds of hours of guided meditations on subjects ranging from Stress to Sleep. Themed meditation packs are supported by a host of animations.

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Along with daily meditations, Headspace also offers On-The-Go exercises for users short on time and SOS sessions to support subscribers in those meltdown moments.

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  1. Doing meditate is doesn't your religious person you can do it for your own benifit if you want more help visit to some of bhuddism monk they are the expert..tibetan bhuddism saying
    'If you don't control your mind
    Your mind will control you,

  2. These videos are really beyond any speech. It's simply superb. Very easy n extremely informative and also in very short. Loved it lyk hell. N also in love wit this channel

  3. so adorable the little noises and the cuteness awww haha baby monkeys are the cutest ….they're unbeatable at cuteness /adorability ?lol?

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