[HINDI] Introducing my Ethical Hacking Course | TechHacker EHCS Mega Bundle Part 1 | Pre-Hacking | Video

Hello everyone. This is the video most of you were waiting for. I was working on my Ethical Hacking course from a very long time now and it’s still in progress. Since the complete course is HUGE, I have decided to release it in parts, so that you can get the best value and you can decide what should you take.

I am releasing the first part of this Bundle with the name “TechHacker Pre-Hacking Online Course”, in which you will step into the world of hacking from the very basics and know everything it takes before exploiting or attacking the target. Rest of the details are explained in the video or you can visit my OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more details and getting the course:

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TechHacker EHCS Mega Bundle Price: 2999 INR
TechHacker EHCS Pre-Hacking Price: 999 INR

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://bittentechsolutions.in

LAUNCH OFFER: Preorder the course now and get 30% discount. Offer valid only for first 50 customers. Use coupon “TECHHACKERNEW” to avail the discount. BUY NOW!!

Course Link: https://bittentechsolutions.in/product/techhacker-pre-hacking-course/

TechHacker Part 1: Pre-Hacking Syllabus/Table of Contents: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kvJztMIS4po5nCuOZUVndB-nBHCiwQKX/view?usp=drive_open

I hope you all will purchase the course, I assure you it will be worth it, and you can keep learning this unti the next part will be released with continuation.

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Course Release Date: April 4th 2020

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Python for Beginners | Learn Python Programming in Hindi:


Official Website: https://bittentechsolutions.in

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  1. Sir price bhot hi kam rakhi hai apne
    Ap bhot a6ay say explain krtay ho yeh course im 100% sure complete a to z guide ho ga to wards ethical hacking ♥

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