[HINDI] Top Certifications in Ethical Hacking | Which one to take? | Video

In this video you will get a detailed knowledge on what certifications is best for you if you want to get a decent job in Ethical Hacking. I will discuss about some major certifications in market which people take such as CEH, CCNA, OSCP, LPT, CompTIA, etc. and I will compare them and also clear the misconceptions about many of them. MUST WATCH!!!!

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  1. 🔰 Certified Ethical🔰

    ✔️Hacking-CEH v10 PDFs

    Ⓜ️ Certified Ethical Hacking – CEH v10 Full Tutorials PDFs Free Download

    ❗️ Topics Coverd in CEHv10 👇

    01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
    03: Scanning Networks
    04: Enumeration
    05: System Hacking
    06: Trojans and Backdoors
    07: Viruses and Worms
    08: Sniffing
    09: Social Engineering
    10: Denial o f Service
    11: Session Hijacking
    12: Hacking Webservers
    13: Hacking Web Applications
    14: SQL Injection
    15: Hacking Wireless Networks
    16: Hacking Mobile Platforms
    17: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
    18: Buffer Overflow
    19: Cryptography
    20: Penetration Testing


    Download link : https://gplinks.co/aSB6vj
    Size: 5.11 GB

    Study material :https://gplinks.co/Ya0r44XD
    Size: 56 MB

    Lab tools :https://gplinks.co/J3lEC
    Size : 4.7 GB

    Books :https://gplinks.co/zAf6ncSe
    Size : 25.46 MB

    How To Open GP Links:

  2. bro thanks mai abhi syit mai hu mujha ethical hacking mai bohat jyada interest hai par pata nahi tha kya karna hai aur kaise ye video k baad I m totally clear ki mujha kya karnar hai

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