Hollywood Screenwriting Industry

Trying to break into Hollywood screenwriting? In the Hollywood screenwriting industry, most producers and investors will likely ask you who you are and what makes you different than other screenwriters. Expect these questions and prepare detailed answers for each one. To prepare for these questions, write down a logline that describes you. This logline can be two to three sentences long. It should clearly describe who you are and where you will be in the future. For example, “I am a graduate student at Full Sail University who is majoring in screenwriting. I eventually want to write screenplays for feature films and develop my own film production company.”

The logline shows people your mindset and how eager you are to work hard in this highly competitive industry. Now if you are a film student, then you should consider working for free as an intern for anyone connected to the film industry. This will get your foot in the door of the Hollywood screenwriting industry and provide you a chance to make connections. If you are not a film student, then just stick to being an entrepreneur and marketing yourself like a business.

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Market Your Screenwriting Services

In order to start developing your Hollywood screenwriting career, you have to think about all the ways you can promote yourself as a screenwriter. More specifically, you need to start thinking of yourself as a brand. All successful writers have a brand attached to their name. That way when people see a book or a screenplay with the author’s name on it, they already know what to expect. This is called brand association. It is what the customer or client automatically knows about the book or screenplay before they read it, and it is vital to successful Hollywood screenwriting. Therefore, when you start writing your screenplays you’ll want to establish a brand for yourself. Choose a particular genre or style of writing that you are most comfortable with and then write all of your screenplays that way.

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A writer’s brand could also be associated with their personal story, which will strengthen their Hollywood screenwriting success. When people see movies that she has written, they will think about the writer and her personal struggles as a reflection of the characters in her story. This is how branding your personal history works in screenplays. For those who write fictional books, they will usually write their mini biography on the back of their books. Screenwriters don’t have this luxury because script covers don’t normally contain biographical information. Instead you will introduce your personal history to the people you show your script to. Then if your script is made into a film and it does well, the media will likely exploit your personal history for you.


by John Halas