Home Decoration and Spirituality – Top 5 Ways to Create a Spiritually Enhanced Home Decor Theme

The purpose of spirituality is to search and discover our true selves. The existence of human beings ordinarily evolves on the self of every individual and his ego which is a very contained way of identifying oneself. Spirituality is the way of knowing your deeper identity which is your true self.

We can discover a better inner peace and security which prevent us from fears of uncertainties. We can have a spiritual thoughts, feelings and personality through the home decors that we bring in our homes. To create a spiritually enhanced indoor, it is very important that we learn to choose the right home décor theme.

This is a list of the top 5 ways to create spiritually enhanced home décor theme:

Flowers Flowers are symbols of spiritual virtues, good moral character and righteousness for many people. Flowers are carriers of energy and meaning. It is important to learn flowers and how they symbolize certain occasions. Flowers have both medicinal and spiritual values. During the early centuries, flowers have always been an integral part of spiritual practices of Buddhism and Taoism. They have always used flowers as theme for embroideries and paintings used as decors during ceremonies.

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Rune Stones The rune stones are ancient mystical pieces of décor that work well with every setting in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, etc. Rune stones have different meaning of spirituality and divination. Fehu for example is a sign of luck, hope, abundance and success. Uruz signifies energy and health, understanding, wisdom and courage.

Crystals Amethyst is a form of crystal used in meditation. It calms and balances the inner self and helps achieve a meditative state. Selenite is one of the two crystals (the other is Apophyllite) which are very powerful in clearing negative energies from Quartz Crystals. Quartz Crystals have healing effects. They can revitalize you, when tired and stressed. Crystals are important spiritual home decors and it is best to have some quartz crystals around to balance energy.

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Gemstones Most gemstones are used to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. The Alexandrite (got its name from Alexander II of Russia) is a rare gemstone from Brazil that has positive effects on mind and emotions.

Pictures and Symbols Reminders help us to be aware of ourselves. Pictures and symbols around the house with inspiring quotations will help us to be awakened and feel worthy.

Spiritual decors are meant to have properties for healing, good luck, emotional and physical wellness. Enhance your homes with these items and experience the beauty, the benefits and spiritual awareness they can offer.


Source by Amy C.