Honeymoon Safaris in South Africa

South Africa is a country of extreme beauty and natural wonders. Honeymooners are increasingly looking at South Africa as the ideal honeymoon destination. Safari Honeymoons have become a firm favourite amongst newlyweds as they combine the adventures of the wild with luxury accommodation and treatment. After the stress filled months leading up to a wedding it is important for a bride and groom to spend time with one another away from it all, why not spend it revelling in the awesome beauty of the African bushveld and experiencing the wonders of nature together?

Planning Tips

When you are deciding on your honeymoon location, focus on things that are important to you as a couple and select a destination that neither one of you has been to so it will be a new as well as a bonding experience for both of you. Decide on the style of safari honeymoon you would like to have, establish whether you are looking for adventure or luxury or a unique combination of both. It is also helpful if you prearrange special treats for the both of you before you arrive such as such as a massage or a sunset cruise to enhance the romantic experience. It is advisable, when booking air tickets to your destination to make your wife’s reservation in her maiden name so it corresponds to her passport. You should always check with your GP a few months before you are due to leave as to what medical precautions, if any, you should be taking.

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Safari in Africa

The word safari is rooted in Swahili, one of South Africa’s traditional languages. Meaning “long journey”, it is most often used to describe an overland adventure through African national parks to observe wild life in their natural habitats. South Africa is synonymous with the term the ‘Big Five’, the promise of seeing these magnificent creatures up close and personal lures many wildlife enthusiasts to the numerous parks and reserves scattered around South Africa. Safari is often thought to be a tough experience, roughing it in the wild. This is a common misconception. Many of South Africa’s game reserves are home to stunning and luxurious accommodation offerings which are often utilised for romantic Honeymoon getaways.

Luxurious Safari Offerings

The most famous amongst all safari destinations in South Africa is the world renowned Kruger National Park and its surrounding reserves. Situated in the Kruger National Park the Singita Lembo Lodge offers honeymooners a slice of paradise amongst the wild terrains and animals that roam the Kruger National. The Sabi Sands reserve is located within the Kruger Park, the absence of any restrictive fences between the two reserves allows for excellent game viewing opportunities. Sabi Sabi Game Lodge is a firm favourite amongst travellers seeking romantic getaway spots whilst the ultra-luxurious Ulusaba Lodge(owned by Sir Richard Branson) offers panoramic views of the African landscape and its spectacular sunsets.

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Apart from living in 5 star luxury for the duration on your stay at these lodges you can partake in game drives at various times of the day and night, guided foot and fly-in safaris as well as self-drive safaris. The memory of witnessing a herd of elephants frolicking at the watering hole at sunset will be forever etched onto your soul.

After the Sunset

There is something spectacularly mystifying about sharing an African adventure with someone you love. Being surrounded by pure natural beauty with the person you have decided to spend your life is a truly sublime experience.

When you return home to the reality of your new lives together and to the everyday pressures of life the memories of your African Honeymoon will linger.

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by Sarah Manners