How Cars Have Evolved

Do you ever just look at cars and wonder how they got to the point of beauty they are at now? They have come a long way since the very beginning and it’s good thing for future generations.

It’s surprising to think that the first car or automobile designed only had one cylinder. Can you imagine how slow that is compared to the cars we have now? Not to mention how much fuel consumption it might have taken due to the heavy materials.

Most of the cars designed before the WWII era were steam powered and incredibly huge. That was the time when they discovered internal combustion. It’s odd to think that the cars available to us now have the engine neatly packed into a small area of the car.

Although, they improved the earlier cars to be lightweight, they still had a few problems that would not work in the present. The wheels used to be very thin and seemed to struggle under the strain on the car. They were also top heavy so it wouldn’t won’t work well with all weather conditions. This is probably the reason why so many cars had become convertibles or had roofless mechanical systems.

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Before the war they also started manufacturing cars with larger engines. This is understandable since tanks had also started becoming the major projects for automobile companies.

Another interesting aspect about the older models is that they didn’t have indicators on the sides of the car. In those days, not many people owned a car so indicating which direction you were going wasn’t a big concern on the roads.

It’s easy to find a car now that is light in weight and doesn’t consume too much power or fuel. As we have evolved so has science thus allowing us to find easier ways to live life to the maximum.

Although, not all inventions and models of cars have been smart in terms of economy.

Cars with more cylinders are likely to consumer more fuel. You often see a model with a 2.6 litre V-8 with a turbo engine. This is how much fuel your car consumes once its gone through the ignition and compression cycle of the pistons. It starts again once the gases go through the outlet. It may be uneconomical but it sure is exhilarating to drive a car that has power. However, for economical purposes the hybrid car was created. The forces and movement that power this type of car charge the electrical component in case you run out of gas.

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Another type of vehicle that causes havoc to our roads but is essential for logistics are trucks. This simply due to their weight and excessive carbon emissions. But there are advancements in this area that could change the future of trucking.

Wheels and tyres have always been dynamic when it comes to automobiles. Some things that have been improved are the type of rubber used, the treading and the depth. Technology has been a great friend to us when it comes to automobiles.


Source by Morne Lourens