How Depth of Penetration Can Affect the Sex of the Baby

The process of selecting your baby’s gender requires a strict formula: Preparation, plus the proper method or technique plus the proper timing will equal the baby gender of your choice. The correct positions to apply during intercourse, to conceive a boy baby, are essential and will enhance your chances of having the baby boy you always wanted to welcome to your family.

It does not matter whether you are a first time parent, or maybe you already have a girl or two or even three, and this time you want to try to conceive a boy, just remember it is absolutely possible to control the end result. It does not matter your age or what medical condition you may have. These gender selection methods are all completely natural and there won’t be any need for expensive fertility drugs or surgery.

Everything that you will learn here, can be easily applied and with the least amount of adjustment to your daily life. Just remember, you are in control and with a little persistence from your side, you could increase your chances of conceiving your boy baby.

Why are the positions during intercourse so important in selecting your baby’s gender?

The sex of the baby is ultimately determined by the sperm chromosome that reaches the egg first for fertilisation. Both X (girl) sperm chromosome, and Y (boy) sperm chromosome, race towards the egg after it has been released. The two sperm are very different from each other: The boy sperm are very quick, but very weak. The girl sperm are slower swimmers, but much stronger.

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If you are trying to conceive a boy baby naturally, then it is important to understand the differences between sperm types. In order to give the Y sperm the advantage over the X sperm, and to reach the egg first for fertilisation, there are a few things that you, as the future parent, can do to help. Remember, the boy sperm does not live as long as the girl sperm.

Best positions to apply during intercourse:

The best positions to allow you to conceive a boy child will be positions that allows for deep penetration. This way, the male deposits the sperm very close to the cervix and allows a much shorter distance for the Y sperm to swim to the female’s egg. This gives these weak little guys a great advantage as they will reach the egg before the slower X sperm.

Positions which will allow for deep penetration, are rear entry positions. These positions are best applied when the woman is lying on her stomach, but with her knees in a sitting position. Another very good position you can try, and have fun with at the same time, is to sit up with your knees bent on the edge of the bed and the man enters from behind.

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It is believed that the missionary position is only good to conceive girl babies. In a sense this is true, if you follow the traditional way, but you can vary this a little, to allow for deeper penetration in order to conceive a boy child. The woman can control the depth of the penetration and give it a further boost by holding onto her knees or she can place her legs close to her partner’s neck and shoulders. With doing this, the proper penetration will take place and increase your likelihood of conceiving your boy baby.

The positions to conceive a boy baby is not the only important method to use when selecting your baby’s gender naturally. There are other factors such as the timing of your ovulation. To help the boy sperm along in another way, it is important to have intercourse on the day of ovulation or the day following ovulation. You will need a reliable ovulation predictor to ensure you are successful. You cannot just estimate or guess when ovulation will take place.

Just remember, you and your partner have full control and you have to be disciplined and follow these methods for best results.


by Ester Peters