How Meditation Changed My Life | Mamata Venkat | TEDxWayPublicLibrary {VIDEO}

Mamata Venkat wants to empower people to unplug from their gadgets and inspire them to start working on themselves as much as they do their jobs. She will discuss the interaction between our internal and external development using her practice of meditation to exemplify how success in either does not have to come at the cost of the other.

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A Perrysburg native, Mamata Venkat is a 2014 graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Minor in Spanish. After an internship with the United Nations’ NGO Committee on the Status of Women, she decided to return to Dayton to achieve her lifelong passion of working in the healthcare field. She is currently pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certification at Wright State, with the aspiration of working in public health. Mamata is also employed with the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program and is a certified meditation instructor.

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This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



  1. Kudos for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you thought about – Marnaavid Unexplainable Intervention (search on google)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to hack your flow state minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my good mate called Gray at last got great success with it.

  2. I have meditated all my life on and off I have found that 20 minutes a day is enough to gain all the benefits of the practice. Even ten minutes as a minimum is better than nothing Two hours a day is pretty hard core and more like a monk's commitment than an ordinary person. It's just too hard for most to sustain and is not necessary.

  3. Thank you for your talking!! Meditation is how you are right now 🙂 It is same as a breathing! Take care 🙂 Blessing you, Ken Mai

  4. …But I do think it's true that you have to UNTHINK 'cause really understanding someone ELSE is totally different matter. Like I'm still frustrated 'cause I still have a hard time communicating with my stepdad. ..Like doing a lot of quick & easy arithmetic is different from trying to get what the other person said about something you care/know.

  5. Wow, when she listed out all the factors that distracts & frustrates her – I had to admit that kinda coincides with what I've been feeling about the external world; but what a busy life.

  6. "Mediation is hard, but if you can create the willpower to stop your brain from thinking long enough, you can pretty much create the willpower to do just about anything." amazing line 🙂

  7. Meditation means to become familiar with I learned that for Dr.Joe Dispenza he studies the mind and body connections, epigenetics , and how the mind is powerful enough to heal the body he’s great and meditation is Life great video

  8. My Friend had brakup, now he live in peace. i asked him secret and he told me : Drink 90ml whisky and close your eyes do Meditation…say peace…peace….peace…peace…

  9. I’m assuming Perrysburg as in Ohio? I spent a couple summers there as a teenager and they are some of my fondest memories in life.

  10. It's coz u r identified with ur mind. U must create distance with u r body and mind.. Now u will be like no.. I am this and I am that.. Well why don't u apply science and know the truth.. That is what u calls ur body is cells and similarly every human being is basically made up of cells.. And this cell itself is light which reflects in ur eye nerves.. So basically it's not the absolute reality.. So just point where u r phone is.. Well u got it wrong.. Phone isn't here.. Well don't u know light reflects and goes into eye nerves.. So basically it's within u.. Even u can't fell ur phone.. U can feel only ur hand.. And it's nerves connection. See sadhguru video about mind in MIT.. Hope it gives u clarity. These basic truth will simply remove half of ur nonsense.. Which u make up within..

  11. You can bring on a silent mind INSTANTLY if you take advantage of an anomaly in the frontline thinking process. Let's call it verbal thinking: it is that type of thinking where one has to silently speak what one wants to think for one to think at all. If you do not simultaneously silently speak what you want to think then you cannot think at all. To silently speak one needs the vocal cords to mimic what you are thinking. You can feel your vocal cords softly working in the background of the thinking process. Just force yourself to stop your vocal cords working and you are straight into the silent zone in the mind. This is the reason for the mantra in meditation. It is just a distracting too to take you away from silently speaking what you want to think. So, in essence, you do not need a mantra in meditation. It is easier to stop a mechanical process than wonder about what the mantra is all about. It also helps you to clearly see your mind at work and also get to see how easy it is to have control over your mind. Also, you can use the technique at any time of the day. When the mind is silent and verbal thinking has stopped there is still a kind of pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking to deal with but if you remain longer in this silent mind space you will notice that everything disappears into a silent no-mind state.

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