How To Beat The Grappler With Boxing

In the world of martial arts and in watching events such as Ultimate Fighting and cage fighting, the big question most people may be asking themselves, or their friends is, who is going to win? Will it be the grappler, or the striker? Very easily one could go back and forth on the topic forever, no one being right or wrong, but there are certainly some advantages and disadvantages on both styles.

For the striker, being taken down by the grappler is most likely the biggest fear, and with good reasoning behind it. Boxing does not teach you how to fight if you are taken down! The main goal in boxing is to remain on your feet and defeat your opponent that way. If someone was to encounter this particular situation, the striker is pretty much done for! Only advice can be offered, but then it’s really up to the fighter on how well they can achieve these following tips.

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First tip is to stay off the ground! This seems like common sense, but if you are a striker, the last place you need to be is on your back. The main goal at this point is to keep those feet firmly planted on the ground and stay standing.

If you are a striker and find yourself on the ground, know how to use the guard. This move involves wrapping the legs around the opponent’s torso and locking your feet together. This allows distance to be maintained but also makes it extremely difficult for the opponent to mount the chest region.

The third tip would be to maintain a safe distance. Just like in boxing, one’s stance is so incredibly important. If you find yourself on the mat – you pretty much strike the opposite you would if you were standing! If you strike with elbows down while standing, you would strike with them up when you are on the ground. Using jabs and being as quick as possible will help win the match, an important thing to know about grapplers is that they are trained to take you down numerous ways and make you submit.

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Whether you are a boxer, grappler, kick boxer, what have you, knowing some basic moves from every style of fighting is important. If you are able to expand and learn more than one style – this would be only o your benefit in the long run. Being as prepared for every situation is key in any form of martial arts and boxing.


by Lee Mainprize