How To Build Your Own Video Editing PC | Video Editing Tutorials {VIDEO} – Check out our blog or more info about building your own video editing PC for Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve and other video editing tutorials.

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  1. What monitors are you guys running on your 4k builds? I want color accurate, 4-5k and if the budget allows HDR I don't want to spend 2 grand on a monitor though. Are my expectations to high for a display.

  2. Great video. A really sick build.

    I really want to build my own but shipping multiple parts so I have to settle with a prebuild or find someone to build me a machine then ship it.

    The only thing I'd change is use the AMD 3950X. It's on the AM4 platform so it's mainstream 16cores and 32 Threads. And I'd use the RX5700Xt. The 5950XT is our yet.

  3. He seemed smarter than me… but didnt make me feel like he was smarter than me… Now thats a smart guy! I feel like I can go build a PC now… usually i just feel like ok this guys smarter than me, no reason to even try to build.

  4. This is the BEST! build video I have seen and I have seen a lot of them. Thanks very much for being so generous with your knowledge and tips.

  5. Intel cpu's are a pretty terrible choice at the current time, irrespective of what the poster erroneously says about needing bigger stuff for AMD, and more expense, the fact is AMD is the only value for money choice for a current PC build.
    The video was great, apart from that glaringly silly, and plain wrong, assertion he made.
    ATX mobo, is FULL SIZE mobo, they make smaller ones, for smaller cases, but his case, is a full size ATX case (it may be called mid size, comparing it some OVER SIZE cases being made OVER size, to accommodate wanky lighting and cooling, which is pretty unnecessary even in editing machines).
    Unless you are just so used to Intel, you have stopped thinking for yourself, but Intel are in the position AMD were 15 years ago, so far behind the comp they are almost irrelevant. THEY DO HOWEVER MASSIVELY OVERCHARGE, so idiots who assume more expensive means better, may just be buying them on the assumption that twice the price means twice as good. God knows.

  6. It's a shame. Just a couple months after this video Ryzen 3000 series was released and you can now get something like the 3700x for half the price of this Intel cpu that is better for editing.

  7. The most notable thing about this PC build video is what he doesn't show you, which are things like the details of making good connections, real world cable management, and making sure your cooling fans are optimally arranged. There are many build videos on the web that delve deeper into the real nitty gritty of how to assemble all the pieces into a functional PC.
    If you're building your first machine you will certainly want to check a few of these out for critical pointers that aren't included here. One thing he did say that's worth remembering is to pay super careful attention to the manual for the motherboard. Most of them are excellent guides for insuring that everything is connected correctly and in the right place.

  8. Hmm it is missing a lot of details especially for how to connect each port to which position. It would be really helpful for first timer if you can include those shots in the videos.

  9. My pc does that too, it will power on for a second and shut off for 3 seconds and boot up normally. What is that? Rog strix B450-F gaming motherboard

  10. I really need to update mine, I have a custom built (I picked the parts and someone else built it) I just upgraded the Ram and ssd drive but the cpu is maxed out to what the board will handle. the system is about 5 years old and I got the best I could back then. So for me to upgrade I am looking at new cpu, motherboard, Ram (as my new ram is ddr3) and new graphics card. I think the rest of what I have is ok. my ssd drive, hdd drives and other bits hopefully will work with new parts. I am editing more 4k video now for my show and the system is really lagging. I am using Davinci more now but have PP CC as well but it was worse to work in than DR.

  11. So your dad was Norm Crosby!! The true king of malapropism and discombrobrication. "You can't break a chicken once they hatch…"…is the confabulation of "don't count your chickens before they hatch" with "you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs." Your dad reeked of wisdom!

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