How To Burn Original Games For Playstation 3

Being able to create backups for your games is something that will help you save a lot of money. The problem is copying PS3 can be a very daunting task. The copyright protection that Sony made prevents the players from easily creating duplicates of their favorite games. This can be a problem for most people, because PS3 games are not cheap, and game CDs are very vulnerable to damages.

Fortunately, there are programs that have the capability to bypass the copyright protection of PS3. These are called the game copier software. All you have to do is to purchase the program, and create the backup of your original game. The software is capable of inserting codes in your duplicate copy, making it acceptable for PS3 units.

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You can purchase these programs for $30-$40 which is a very small amount and is cheaper than a game title. This will allow you to create unlimited backups for your games, keeping the original copy in good working condition. You don’t have to purchase the game whenever it is lost or damaged because you can simply create another copy once your previous duplicate is broken.

The Internet offers at least a hundred types of these programs. Most of them have the capability to successfully create copies of your game, but be careful! There are some came copiers that contains viruses and malwares that are ready to infect your system upon installation. I would suggest that you get a paid version of the product because they are relatively safer and more secure compared to free downloads. The paid version also provides a lifetime customer support that allows you to contact the manufacturer whenever you are dealing with problems while using the product.

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Just remember one thing, piracy is punishable by law. You can create duplicates of your original game as long as you use it personally. Giving it to your friends without anything in exchange is already considered as piracy. Be careful when using this powerful tool in order to avoid having problems with game companies.


by Tiffany Windhurst