How To Fix a Red Light PS3

If your PS3 (PlayStation3) is acting up showing you error codes or just not performing like it has in the past, then it’s perhaps time to do some troubleshooting and a diagnostic overview. There are some simple steps that can be taken to check the performance and maintenance on your unit. Some of the things that you can do are very easy and basic before you decide to pack up your unit to be sent out for repair. Which is costly, a repair can range anywhere from between $150- $300. On the matter of time, in the respect of not only packing up the unit, but for the approximate 6 week wait to have it returned. Then there is also always the chance that your hard drive contents will be deleted. So before you choose to pack it up. Try these following things first.

Power Related Issues– No Power, Power Light Flashes, Shuts down after 10 Seconds

  • Check the main power switch on the back of the console
  • Make sure that the AC power cord is securely connected
  • Visually inspect your AC power cord for damage. Make sure that it has not been frayed, cut or damaged in anyway. A severe bend in the cord can cause internal damage. Make sure that the cord has not been bent or severely twisted.
  • Confirm that the wall outlet is active (receiving power) to do this plug in a lamp and turn on or try the unit in a different outlet.
  • If possible, try testing the cord on a different PlayStation unit
  • If there was a power surge, power shortage, or a lightning storm in your area recently, it may have affected the power supply, in which case it would need repair.
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Power Light Flashes

  • Turn off the system and reboot. If your PS3 still doesn’t power up correctly. It needs repair (for North American units only)
  • Shuts Down after 10 Seconds. Your system needs repair

What The Different Light Sequences Mean

The light sequence on your unit will give you an indication of what is going on with your unit. You can then troubleshoot the issue.

  • No lights are on – Means the unit is unplugged, older PS3 models have a main power switch on the back that may be off, that the “I”side is pressed down
  • Solid red – means the system is off or in standby mode
  • Solid green- means system is on and you should be able to navigate the XMB, play games, and access the PlayStation Store, etc. To turn off the PS3, press and hold the power button for two or more seconds
  • Flashing red- means when the power status light flashes red and the PS3 shuts off, there is an internal issue the unit. The unit needs repair
  • Flashing green- means when it’s flashing that the PS3 system is turning off. If t doed not shut down immediately it may be trying to finish saving data to the hard drive. If it is not, do not turn the main power switch on the back off because it may cause data on your hard drive to be corrupted.
  • Flashes green, yellow, then red – when the power status light goes from green, to yellow, to green then to a flashing red means that is an issue with an internal part, may be caused by a variety of reasons. The unit needs to be repaired
  • Solid blue-means there is a disc inside the PS3 system, if you want to eject the disc hold the eject button down for two seconds, the blue disc status light will flash indicating the unit is attempting to eject the disc. The power indicator light will always be solid green Note: Model CECH-3xxx does not have a blue disc indicator light
  • Flashing blue- means either a disc was just inserted or the system is trying to eject a disc.
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If your system is indicating that it needs to be repaired, there are PS3 repair guides that can assist you in doing the repair yourself instead spending the time and money in sending the system out. The repair should only take about an hour, and the tools that are needed you probably have around the house.


by AJ Land