How To Fix The 0x8007000D Error In Windows Vista – Quick Tutorial

The 0x8007000d Vista error is often shown in Vista when you try and update your computer to run Vista SP1 or another type of update. The error basically stops the installation from proceeding and says that something happened inside your system to prevent the installer from working correctly. The bottom-line cause of this error is down to a variety of different issues inside your system, as well as possible virus infections. In order to ensure the problem is fixed, you need to be able to repair the various issues that cause it to first show. 

The error will typically show in this format:

  • “An internal error occurred while installing the service pack”
  • “Installation was not successful”

The reason why this error shows is all down to the way in which your computer is trying to handle the updates you have. There are two main issues at work here – the first being that a third-party program is interfering with the installer, and the second being that the “Windows Servicing Store”, which is required to install the updates, is not working correctly.

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The way to fix this error is to first install the “Windows Installation Readiness Tool”. This is a tool released by Microsoft that basically sets up your computer to readily accept the files & settings that an update will install onto your system. This program can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, and will work in a few seconds to correctly prepare your system for the installation. This will basically stop any programs from interfering with your update, as well as correcting any common Windows errors which cause the error to show. You should also temporarily disable any firewalls & antivirus programs to make sure that Windows is able to access all the files it requires without them being blocked.

It’s also highly recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” tool to scan through your PC before attempting a reinstall. These are software tools which scan through the “registry database” of your system and repair any of the damaged / corrupted settings that are inside. The registry is a vital part of Windows, and is continually being used 100’s of times a day by your system to help it recall the likes of your most recent emails and your desktop wallpaper. Think of the registry as like a library for Windows – which means that whenever you update your system, 100’s of new registry settings are being added to your computer to help it run. The problem many people have is that this database becomes damaged on the typical Windows PC, preventing your computer from installing the files and settings it needs. This not only stops the installation from proceeding, but can also cause a range of other errors. It’s highly recommend you fix any potential problems inside the registry by using a registry cleaner tool.

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by James Henry Johnson