How To Fix Windows Error 36 – Working Tutorial To Repair This Problem

Error 36 is a fairly common Windows 7 problem that most often shows up when too many shared files have been opened. This error is an indication that the system’s sharing buffer has been reached, and this will prevent your PC from further accessing additional files shared in your network. Ultimately, this error comes down to a problem with the program that is accessing the network and opening the shared files. You need to resolve issues surrounding network access and the specific program in order to fix the error. This tutorial will help you repair the Windows error code 36 permanently.

What Causes Windows Error 36?

The Windows error 36 is mainly caused by the way in which Windows is unable to process certain files properly. The most common sources of the problem are erroneous programs that have damaged files, causing the error notification to appear; problems in the network; or some settings inside the registry that have been damaged or corrupted. You need to be able to identify the source of the problem in order to fix it properly.

How To Fix Error 36

The easiest and most effective way to repair Windows error 36 requires re-installing any program that you can identify as being linked to the error. Alternatively, you might need to resolve network problems or repairing damage inside the Windows registry. To begin, identify the program that is causing the error and remove it from your hard drive. Click Start > Run and type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box, and press ENTER. From the list that populates, find the program, select it and click the “Remove” or “Uninstall” button. When the uninstall is complete, restart your computer and then insert the CD/DVD installer or run the file installer from your hard drive and run the installation command. This is a necessary process to make sure that the program files are working properly. Now, to fix your network problems, you can enlist the help of your “Network Administrator” to acquire the required privileges and the right passwords. Your Network Administrator can set your computer to obtain access privileges to the network. If there are customized applications affected by the problem, you might need to contact the software developer to help you fix the problem. If the error still exists, you need to clean out the registry.

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The error 36 problem will likely be caused by the “registry” of Windows. This is where the settings for each of your programs and files is stored, and is essential for Windows to remember how programs have been configured or set up. If the registry gets damaged, which often happens due to the speed it operates at, then programs can fail to operate properly, resulting in the error code 36 and other similar problems. To be able to fix registry problems, you need to clean it using a registry cleaner program that can automatically scan your system, detect broken registry keys and effectively repair them. We highly recommend that you download “Frontline Registry Cleaner” and use its many features to clean out your registry that can remove 99% of all errors found in your system.

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by Katie Martins

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