How to Get a Guy to Have Sex With You – Tricks That Will Surely Help You With Your Goal

You have been going around for quite sometime and like each other a lot. You feel it is time to take a step to get closer and intimate with the guy. Do it in such a way that it seems it is his idea to have sex; the trick is to know how.

First be sure

You have to be absolutely sure that this is what you want and with this guy that you are dating. If making love is on your agenda then go about it in a confident manner giving him hints of your intentions for him to take the lead.

Dress the part

Your agenda is to get him to bed so you have to dress in a way to entice and excite him visually. Dress in a sexy outfit that shows a bit of your skin and shows off your figure, but take care to be subtle so that you don’t end up looking cheap.

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Tease and flirt with him

Your actions and words give him clear clue as to what is on your mind. Get naughty and whisper sexy things to him that will sure turn him on. Get into flirting mode to make things exciting, may be he is just waiting for some hint from your side that says you want him.

Touch him and seduce him

Get close while you are dining out and let your hands wander along his back seductively or place your hand on his thigh and touch his sensitive zones and arouse him so that he does not want you to stop, your evening is sure going to end in bed after this.

Set the mood

Invite him to your place for dinner and make his favorite dish. Set the mood with soft romantic music, scented candles and the works. You may greet him in sexy lingerie if you are comfortable with that, and he will get the message of what is in store for the evening.

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Build up the intensity

Your body language and your eyes suggest that there is nothing more on your mind than ripping his clothes off. Guys like girls who know what they want and are not hesitant to let their feelings known.

How about a sexy dance just for him

You can be little adventurous and play up to him, teasing him and dancing sexily as you undress and throw your clothes around. Turn him on with your moves and who knows he will join you in the fun.


by Krista Hiles