How To Learn Programming for BEGINNERS! (2019/2020) {VIDEO}

This simple tutorial will teach you how you can learn computer programming and teach yourself code. Learning code is not that hard, and it’s easier than it looks. Instead of taking coding classes, why not teach yourself? Using this method you will learn html, css, javascript, visual design & more. Many people have landed themselves jobs involving web development and web design just with using this site. So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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Learn Computer Programming (For FREE):

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  1. hehhe i really like this free coding. I'm a beginner sir, i hope you help me learn. i really like it because there are some test that makes me think deeper than i expect

  2. I tried it and I finished the basic HTML and HTML5 and beside me taking somoe of it in high school it was still really easy I took from base and up till now it's still 100% free! wich is amazing it really help with basic

  3. FreeCodeCamp is free but programming is not for everyone. I found HTML and CSS to be fairly easy to learn but programming languages are really hard for a lot of people. HTML and CSS are markup languages, not programming languages.

  4. As a programmer, I needed to learn punctuation, so I had a punctuation class at Skillshare. It was fun and easy. I’m pretty confident now when I code. I really loved the fact that the teacher went from basic rules to examples. It’s free if you sign up as a premium learner at Skillshare

  5. This shows how to go to a website and try the sample programs given there and follow the curriculum. If the below points were included it would have been great.
    Need to explain how to build logic ,how to learn problem solving and how to learn the program rules etc…

  6. i went there and signed up. on my first set of lessons, the HTML stuff, i did the H1 tag and ran into my first problem.There is nothing to tell you how to navigate. I stumbled over the idea of hitting the "run the tests" button after it had approved my first answer. I completed the H2 tag but could never get the GUI to move on to the next step. When i searched the get help section, it told me to log in to get help. I was already logged in-i'd altead finished updating my profile. So, i found the site confusing and very frustrating. i will learn coding in some other way. I'm already very fluent in html 4.1 and have built many sites a long time ago. it is frustrating when a site that says it is helping people learn to code can't even get basic site navigation to a stable point for "beginners." BIG BOO ! ! ! from me.

  7. Nothing is ever easy is the mind set life itself is not easy if that’s what you really want to do it get easier once you put your mind to it and never let anything get in the way of it nothing

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