How To Play a More Satisfying Round of Golf

When it comes to playing golf it might seem like a no brainer when you consider the rules. Consider this, golf actually has two sets of rules. One is summer rules and the other is winter rules. Of course all the pros play on golf courses that are summer rated. Most people who play golf use courses that are under winter rules.

1. Summer Rules

With these rules you play the game according to the rules that are governed in the country you are playing in. When the golf ball lands and comes to rest, you cannot move it, even it is resting in a piece of ground cut out by a golf club. Of course you are playing on a golf course using summer rules this means you will be hitting your golf ball in a very good are to strike it from. The golf course you will playing in will be near perfect.You will be playing a golf course that has all the sand traps correctly racked and you will never have to tee off from bad grass. This has to be one of the things that makes me upset with golf, that is having poorly manicured grass between the starting blocks.

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2. Winter Rules

Winter rules are different. You can move the golf ball around after it has stopped moving. This is because the golf course you are playing on is usually in the northern hemisphere. These golf courses cannot produce the grass and greens that can rate them as golf courses that are rated summer rules like in warmer places of the world such as Florida or Arizona. Personally I like playing a winter rules golf course because the game becomes fair. This is because when my golf ball lands in a hole made by another golf club there no way of changing the situation when you are playing summer rules. You can hit your golf ball into the sand trap or bunker and this is quit fair in the game of golf. However if your ball lands in a hole made by another golf club, this can cause you to produce a bogey or worse a double bogey. This is why I prefer winter rules because these rules allow the golfer to move their golf ball into a better place to make a decent golf shot. This is very important when the golfer is approaching the green.

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In the game of golf it is very important to reach the green in regulation. This is because reaching the green in regulation will allow you the opportunity to make a par even better a birdie. Scoring a birdie will allow you to go under par. Going under par is the desired place to be if you are playing in a golf tournament. Scoring a low round in the game of golf when playing in a tournament means you could when a prize such as a big screen TV or set of high-end golf clubs. Of course if you are playing in a professional tournament this could mean winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. However playing a round of golf under par is very difficult to achieve. Obtaining the ability to do this requires a lot of practice and the proper coaching.

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by Paul Luciw