How to Tweak Your Facebook Page to Start Sending New Subscribers Today

You can use Facebook to increase your website subscribers starting from today. It is a good viral and social channel to let your audience know the importance of joining your list. Here are 5 tips to tweak your Facebook page to start sending new subscribers today:

1. Brand it and make it viral

Use your website logo to create strong branding in your Facebook page. Make it like an official page for your website. People will respect your website more if you do this. Also, you should let your visitors to tell their friends about your page. Put something in your page that encourage people to spread the word about your page. Of course, you can always give them a little bonus for doing so. It will help you to attract more traffic to your page.

2. Put a FAQ in your page

People want their questions to be answered before they join your list. Questions as simple as “what’s the benefit of joining your list” or “how to join your list” need to be addressed in your page since most people will not understand about it. Put a FAQ page in your Facebook page to help them understand why it is important for them to subscribe to your website today. With the existence of the FAQ page, you will avoid them filling your page with unnecessary comments.

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3. Use eye-catching graphics

Graphics really have an important effect in your conversion rate. People who visit your Page will usually judge your website based on the graphics that you’re using. If your graphics are pleasing to the eyes as well as interesting, you will find them flocking to your website and join your mailing list. But, if your Page uses an old piece of design, then it won’t help you much in attracting subscribers. It is a good idea to hire a good graphic designer just to pretty up your Page.

4. Use strong headline

Instead of using the usual Welcome headline, it is better for you to use strong headline instead. This headline should be enticing enough to make your visitors want to visit your website. You don’t need to make it sound too sales because you’re not trying to generate sales here. You’re trying to attract subscribers to your website. So, putting headline such as “Discover The Latest Trends in IT Today – FREE” will help to attract subscribers to your website. It’s as simple as that. Don’t over-complicate or over-hype your headline.

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5. Experiment with colors

Different color schemes will give you different result. It is better for you to experiment with colors in your Facebook page, because it may either increase or decrease your conversion. A good idea is to use calm colors so that your page won’t look like a mess. Also, matching your color schemes with your website’s color schemes will bring you good result because people will instantly see the connection between your Facebook page and your website once they arrive at your website. This is important because familiarity will boost their trust toward you.

Those tips will help you to attract more subscribers to your website more effectively using Facebook.


Source by Michael Sadeash Kumar