How to Use WordPress For Business

There are so many ways to use WordPress for business, that most people involved in building websites or blogs can easily rattle off a long list of reasons. In this article we will discuss some of the obvious reasons, and some of the various ways businesses can use WordPress.

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular platform available for building websites and blogs. Although it was originally designed as a blogging platform, it has morphed into more-or-less the default software for any size business for building websites, too. Part of this is because the lines between blogs and websites have blurred. Even though blogs were originally intended as more of a personal weblog or journal, there no longer is  much difference when it come to how search engines view blogs and websites from a technical standpoint. In fact, it can easily be argued that search engines prefer a blogging platform due to the fact that the content is updated frequently. You most likely have heard or read somewhere that WordPress is hands down the most used and most popular platform for building blogs and websites today.

Over the years since its introduction, most businesses realized the benefits of having a blog attached to their traditional websites, and eventually WordPress evolved into a platform that functions quite nicely as either a blog or a website. Another reason is that WordPress is relatively easy to learn and manage for mere mortals, and you can create sites without ever having to learn how to write or manipulate any computer code. It truly can be point-and-click at the most basic levels. This has made it very attractive for just about anyone with any ambition of creating a simple website of just a few simple text pages to literally a large resource website of almost any size that uses many different types of media as content that can include streaming videos, sound files, and lots of graphics. These factors are totally reliant on time and money to create content, manage the content, and the costs associated with hosting and serving files to the Internet.

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Since blogs are easily updated frequently, this is also an excellent way for a company of any size to keep their target audience, returning visitors, and potential new customers updated on any aspect of a given business niche. This is probably the biggest reason why most businesses now prefer WordPress as a platform. It does not matter if you are a one-person consultant working out of your home, or a multi-national corporation. In many ways this is one of the factors that has allowed the Internet to become more-or-less a level playing field for doing business online.

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In its many customizable forms, WordPress can be used for publishing a company newsletter or e-zine, a sales letter or landing page, and a multi-user platform for numerous authors and contributors. WordPress can also be used for membership sites, forums, lead capture pages, customer service platforms, customer surveys, polls, application forms, submission forms, online product catalogs, special offers, and more.

Some webmasters, and large advertising & marketing firms would like to continue to nurture the myth that getting online and promoting a business online is somehow difficult, and will require specialized skills with layers of management. Spend some time learning how to use WordPress in you business, and you will soon see that nothing should be further than the truth.


Source by EM Beck