How to Win Back Your True Love – The Relationship Didn’t End, it Just Took a Little Break

When a relationship ends, it feels like the end of the world. You know, in your heart, that you belong together, and you can’t figure out why it had to end. Stop trying to figure it out – chances are, you never will. When you want to know how to win back your true love, start thinking about this…

Relationships fall apart often. There is no ‘one’ reason for the separation, as there is no ‘one’ ideal relationship. Everybody is different, thus, every relationship is different.

If you are having a hard time coming to terms with the break up, then think of it like this – everyone needs a break from each other, right? That’s why vacations were ‘invented’. Sometimes the whole family goes together, but often just one person goes. Just to get away – time to themselves. If you can think of your relationship this way, it will be much easier on you.

In order to win back your true love, you have to be honest – both with yourself and your ex. If your love is indeed true, then the two of you will get back together. You just can’t rush things along.

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Don’t try to get your ex to talk, if they don’t want to. Instead, just say ‘hi’ to them when you see them. When you can say ‘hi’ to each other without glaring at each other, then you know that the angry and hurt feelings have passed, and now you can start to talk to him or her.

You can now ‘up the ante’, so to speak. When you say ‘hi’ the next time, ask them how they are doing. Let your ex know that you still care about them. Let them know that you are still there for them, if they need to talk, or just need a friend.

Talk about things happening around town, or talk about the weather – talk about what you both like, and NEVER try to bring up your past relationship. By talking about things that you both enjoy, you will find that you both want to be in each other’s company more and more. Instead of asking your ex on a date, why not just go for a walk in the park, or enjoy a coffee or something together – in the daytime, and in a very public place.

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This will keep both of you relaxed – your ex won’t think that you are trying to force them into getting back together with you, and you will have a chance to be together. Enjoy every moment that the two of you spend together. The better you both feel with each other, the more you will want to be with each other.

As the saying goes, ‘true love prevails’. This couldn’t be more true, even though it may not feel like ti right now. When you want to win back your true love, keep this in the back of your mind – it really IS true love – you WILL be together again. Maybe not immediately, but you will. Then you can spend the rest of your lives with each other, and happy together.


Source by Sabrina Werles